María F. Rubíes wears the perfect Reondo Brand dress for a wedding

This weekend begins the month of May and with that season for baptism, communion and wedding. If you are invited to a wedding in Andalusia this spring or summer, María Fernández-Rubíes, one of the most popular influencers on the national stage, offers us a Fantastic dress from Redondo Brand.

Named “Manuela”, it is one midi-long dress made of emerald green moire. The neckline crosses and drapes in the neck, and the garment’s most characteristic and special feature is the large bow in the lower back.

One of the main benefits offered by dress from Redondo Brand is that the hem can be easily sewn, so it is easy to adjust it to different heights. A spectacular dress, with which you will be the guest star at the wedding.

María Fernández-Rubíes has combined it very successfully with gold sandals and a handbag with fringed details in blue. We have always heard that green and blue are two colors that are not combined in the same look, but the fashion rules have changed in recent years.

To see how nice the emerald green dress looks with the blue handbag in it photos that the influencer has shared on his Instagramwe are convinced that it will be one of the star combinations in 2022.

There are many reasons why choosing the “Manuela” dress seems to be the best option for a wedding, both day and night. Have a very original and special pattern, however, without losing a jot of elegance. In addition, it is very flattering for women of all sizes and ages and, now that summer is here, it favors sunbathing.

When it comes to combining it, we can follow the example of María Fernández-Rubíes and choose a few sandals in metalor we can also invest in some mulesandaler with methacrylate heel and vinyl strips.

“If you want to try on the dress in our showroom in Madrid, you can book an appointment in the section Appointment on the website”

The dress is for sale in Redondo Brand online store for € 199 in sizes XS, S, M and L. Some are already sold out.

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