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Madrid (EFE).- With only 12 years old, she became famous on YouTube thanks to her monologues, but soon her artistic skills led her to music where she found success. Argentina’s María Becerra, one of the trending singers of the urban genre, wraps up her tour of Spain which begins September 29 as she prepares a new album and continues to release global hits.

Despite her premature career, María de los Ángeles Becerra, better known as María Becerra, or how she managed to gain recognition within the industry “La Nena de Argentina”, has become one of the great promises of the urban genre in his country, and this is demonstrated by his songs which go viral soon after their publication, such as “Discoteka” with Lola Índigo or his latest solo single “Automático”.

“It’s very good that these things happen to a singer, isn’t it? That your songs reach all parts of the world and that so many people like them, it’s really good (…). Moreover, with ‘Automático’ I’m particularly happy because my idea was to pay a ‘tribute’ to old reggaetoneros like Daddy Yankee, and I’m super happy with the result and the reception of people”, he tells EFE in a meeting. .

New album by María Becerra at the end of the year

Argentinian singer Tini poses for Efe on July 22, 2021, in Miami (USA). EFE/Alicia Civita

This last song, in addition, is the advancement of her second studio album, – “La Nena de Argentina” – which, according to the singer, hopes to see the light of day by the end of the year, although he assumes “quite a challenge”.

“The truth is a challenge because there will be about 12-14 songs and they will all be solo, there will be no collaboration. That’s why it makes me a little dizzy because I’ve never done that, it’s really a risk, but I bet on my music,” he says.

Although reggaeton will be the genre that shines par excellence on the album, Becerra (Quilmes, Argentina, 2000) argues that there will be a “mixture of everything”: “There will be bachata, cumbia, romantic trap, piano ballad, guitar ballad… I feel like these are really cool challenges because we experiment a lot and I have a lot of unfinished business, but it will be a great album”, he declares.

A grand tour of Spain

She also describes the tour she will do in Spain, her “Animal Tour” which begins on September 29 in Barcelona and which will take her around the country, as “precious”.

Mexico’s Sofía Reyes (l) and Argentina’s María Becerra (r) during the Tu Música Urbano award ceremony. EFE/Enid Salgado

“I really want to play there. I’ve only been able to do it once and that was in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​now it’s going to be more extensive and I can’t wait to take my show to cities in Spain and people see it now. The contact with the public will be beautiful, ”he says.

Although he is only 22 years old, he has been a media figure in Argentina for half a decade. She rose to fame as a YouTuber while still a teenager. On his channel monologues, videos singing versions of other musicians with makeup tutorials or itineraries of his vacation experiences were interspersed.

However, in 2019, he decided to leave everything to bet on a career in music. “Singing has always been my dream, I knew YouTube was only temporary, that I was born to be a singer and write my songs. So I decided to drop everything and bet on it, and a few months later I released my first EP and he liked it,” he recalls.

Since then Argentina has shared singles with countless artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Becky G, Camila Cabello, Lola Índigo or J. Balvin, among others. “It was all a bit difficult because a huge boom hit me. I’ve been in the industry for two years and I’ve done amazing things already, and even though it’s going well, I’m taking it easy and with a conscience,” he is honest.

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