María Adánez and her husband: the first photo after the wedding


It’s undeniable María Adánez is enjoying one of the most beautiful stages of her life. To everyone’s surprise, just a few days ago, actor He said “yes, I think” and his five-year partner, neurologist Ignacio Hernández Medrano (Ignacio Hernández Medrano). This is also the case. Although she has always liked to put her love life behind the scenes, they did not hesitate to show such happiness in one of the bustling streets of the capital.

Their recent marriage and busy schedule prevented them from enjoying a trip to heaven like everyone else. celebrity They usually do it after the wedding.But sometimes less is more, this does not become When it comes to making some of the most daily plans, they all make themselves look happy Within our borders.

Lecture by María Adánez and Ignacio Fernández Medrano / Gtres

In the image captured by Gtres, we can see The couple used their free time to walk happily and they had a good chat. Wearing a coat and scarf to resist the low temperature in Madrid at this time From The looming She and her husband have shown that no matter where they are, they can proclaim their love to the Four Winds.Show off her good style and style, Maria’s translation Pharmacy opened I chose three-quarters of the black jacket, which is an ideal choice, and the perfect combination of the two It looks like As elegant as others Athletic. This time, Adanes chose the second option because he added a purest hat to his equipment Street style Next to it is a handkerchief from a well-known Spanish brand. In the case of Hernández Medrano, he followed the trend of artificial leather fabrics and chose a jacket made of this fabric, a plaid scarf and a gray hat.

A few minutes later, a very smooth conversation, Maria and Ignacio put on their motorcycle helmets, ready to go home May reconnect with Claudio Jr., their common son. On May 18, the translator delivered her baby by caesarean section. Motherhood is an event around her life, and Maria’s constant expression of love for her babies through social networks is proof, which shows that Claudio has become the undisputed king of the family.

María Adánez and Ignacio Fernández Medrano with motorcycles / Gtres
María Adánez and Ignacio Fernández Medrano with motorcycles / Gtres

The 45-year-old actress can be said to be fully committed to her role as a mother and wife. Married to British lawyer David Murphy more than ten years ago, Six years later, she decided to meet her current husband to give love a new opportunity, Ignacio Hernandez Medrano. In the past five years, they have successfully formed a family and lived in the place closest to “eternity”. Honeymoon“. A romantic story that puts an end to the baby and the subsequent intimate and completely unexpected wedding.

Ignacio is also experiencing one of the most fulfilling moments in his life.In addition to being a recognized and prestigious doctor, the neurologist is the most united person, which is why he was founded Savannah, An artificial intelligence platform that expands medical research.Among other achievements, there are Mendel, Its main function is to democratize the use of genomic information in diagnosis.

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