Marc Overmars scandal that could get him on trial

TThe football world is still reeling from the scandal that led Mark Overmars resign as director of football ajaxwith reports that this was due to inappropriate messages sent to colleagues.

Abroad was a key figure in ajax since his appointment in 2012 and his departure came as a big shock.

According to the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, the former ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona The player sent images of his genitals along with the messages, while the NRC – another Dutch newspaper – is about to publish more information about the situation.

Het Parool also suggests that the investigation began as a result of a scandal erupting in the television show The Voice of Holland, which was suspended due to complaints of sexual harassment by some of its participants.

The Dutch Federation should have said

After the scandal became known, the Dutch Federation (KNVB) issued its own statement regarding the story, saying they were shocked and urging the victims of this behavior to come forward.

The KNVB wants this not to happen again and is trying to be proactive in its response.

“As the largest sports association in the Netherlands, we understand that, unfortunately, power relations can also play a role in the workplace in the sports world,” the statement said.

“A safe working environment is very important to us and is a topic that has been high on the professional football agenda for some time now.

“For professional football organizations, the guarantee of a safe sports climate has been part of the licensing requirements for two years now.

“This also includes the obligation of each club to appoint a certified confidential contact person.”

Van der Saar in the spotlight

After the scandal with Abroad.

First Eric Ten Hag who, according to De Telegraaf, could follow in the footsteps of the former Barcelona player and leave the club because of his friendship with the former ajax director.

Edwin van der Saar is also in the spotlight as the allegations have become clear. De Telegraaf drew attention to the former Dutch goalkeeper and asked how much he knew about the behavior of his partner and friend.

Criminal consequences may follow

Abroadwho issued a statement apologizing for his behavior in the immediate aftermath of the scandal may face criminal consequences for his actions, according to Het Parool.

However, neither victims nor ajax neither federation has yet filed a complaint against the former Dutch international.


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