Map of Ukrainian separatists: where is Dombass in Ukraine?


Donbass this area is in the southeast Ukraine becomes the epicenter of a potential conflict between Russia as well as Ukrainian pro-Russian separatistsAnd army.

in Donbass area boundaries Russia to the east and districts Donetsk as well as Lugansk to the west and north, respectively.

on Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia deliberate Donetsk (Donetsk People’s Republic or DPR) and Lugansk (Luhansk People’s Republic or LPR) as independent states.

There are fears that this will be a prelude to an invasion of territories currently under Ukrainian control in an attempt to bring them under Russian sovereignty.

They also fear that Insert training troops in various positions around the Russian-Ukrainian border, a full-scale invasion of Ukraine may take place here.

Numerous attempts have been made to Russia returned from the abyss in recent days, with talks between the US President Joe Biden as well as Insertand sanctions applied to Russian interests.


The unstable situation in this region has persisted since 2014, when Russia attached Crimea peninsula Insert stating that “we must begin work on the return Crimea to Russia“.

Russia then offered military and financial support to the separatists in Donbass region, and just a month later, the region declared independence from Ukraine.

As a result of this move, 14,000 people died, and the conflict, now in its eighth year, has not yet been satisfactorily resolved.

Where is Dombas in Ukraine?

in Donbass the region is currently divided into two parts; west side controlled Ukrainewhile the eastern part is under the control of the separatists under the control of Russia.

The separatists also claim control of the entire Lugansk as well as Donetskhowever, they are currently known to control only about a third of the territories.

The scale of Russia’s presence in this mission is enormous, and US Ambassador to the OSCE Michael R. Carpenter said on Friday that Russia could have up to 190,000 soldiers in and around Ukraine.


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