Many people were injured in a shooting at a high school in Texas


At least Four people Wounded by a gunshot in a battle at Timberview High School in the small town on Wednesday Arlington, exist Texas (United States), the perpetrators of the shooting have fled.

At the press conference, the deputy chief of the Arlington Police Department, Kevin Corvier, Explained that one of the victims suffered minor injuries and refused to seek medical attention, while the other three were taken to the hospital.

Corvier He pointed out that the three injured were students and the other was an adult who they thought might be a teacher.

He emphasized that the center has an 18-year-old suspect and a student, and the police have confirmed and fled.

According to preliminary investigations, the authorities believe that there are Fight in one of the classrooms Between the two students on the second floor, one of them used a weapon.

The police stated that this was not a random incident of violence at the center, but a fight.

During the event, the access to the education center was closed, and students and teachers were restricted to classrooms and offices of the college.


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