Manuela Velasco unveils latest health report from her aunt Concha Velasco


As autumn rolls around, many brands are working to make their ad campaigns stand out more than other companies’ ads.This is the case Diorwhich hosted an event in Madrid’s Plaza Colon, bringing together some of the most recognizable faces across the country, including Manuela Velasco.

Manuela Velasco taking a photo/Gtres

Concha Velasco’s niece had her prettiest smile at the awards ceremony in a white two-piece and matching top photo call Before the appointment, tap later and talk to the media present about a few areas, including family.It is in the past few months that the most attention has been paid to his health Aunthas been living in a residence in the capital Las Rozas.

Manuela Velasco taking a photo/Gtres
Manuela Velasco taking a photo/Gtres

Showing her humor and spontaneity, host He claims to have no hesitation in talking about the family he likes very much: “I can’t tell you too much because I just got back from a trip and I haven’t seen her and I know you like her because everyone adores her,” she began, A decidedly moving anecdote is later recounted: “I must tell you that I am going to Huelva or Cádiz for dinner, Everyone stopped me saying: ‘How is your auntie?Do we love her like family‘”, he points out, implying that their fondness for interpreters is manifested across the country. In fact, Manuela herself felt so comfortable at night that she wanted to share her last conversation with her aunt: “I was touched . The last time I went to see her, I told her: ‘But does it bother you? You must be tired of everyone coming to see you and want to be with you, tell us to leave, you want to keep calm’.She said: “For me, I have visitors 24 hours a day, every day‘. She’s happy that they can see her, that’s what she wants and people will go’, she asserts with laughter, albeit very happy with the moment Concha is going through. And, although the transfer was a bit complicated at first , but the truth is, the iconic actress seems to be totally used to it:”She’s happy where she is, she says it’s her house, she’s happy”, concludes Velasco with the greatest joy and remarkable composure, who also frequently comments on his performance in the professional world, as he considers the work “very important,” despite the implications of the profession compared to a camera like yours. Author of “Long Breaks”.


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