Manuel Velasco denies that his mother has financial problems


A few days ago, Concha Velasco She assured at the press conference that she was forced to sell some personal items so that she could go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.Some statements about him Expected return, In which, she once again demonstrated her sincerity all the time. The interpreter recounted in detail about her return to the stage and did not hesitate to ensure that the COVID pandemic was a serious economic blow to her because it kept her from earning for months: “I don’t mind saying that. I I have to sell everything in my house because if you don’t charge, you have to do it,” he admitted.

Your son responded to some controversial remarks without hesitation. Manuel Velasco. This young man specially attended Agency And in line with the actress’s statement. “I am very overwhelmed and surprised by this out-of-context situation, but thank you very much for wanting to compare it with me. As I always answer, I am here,” he promised.

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Manuel insisted that it was not true that his mother had financial problems: “I know she said this because I heard the recording, but it is not true. To my surprise, everyone knows what my mother is. Well, for me, she is the best actress in Spanish movies and theaters, but you have to understand that she is such a huge star, she is an artist, a star, and a wonderful actor. Until he lay down This is his way of speaking,” he emphasized.

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Velasco promised that he hopes the interpreter can slow down the pace of the work she is currently doing: “Yes, I hope she will stop working so continuously so that she can start receiving her pension, my mother’s pension and Everything she works The contribution for many years is very high, so when you are discharged from the hospital, you do not enter it. She will not know until she stops working. She can rest assured because she knows that she has a monthly income to live, because this is the rich income she earns. Pension, so she will be very calm, because unless she wants and she is willing, she doesn’t have to work anymore.”

She admitted that the confinement had an impact on her body and mind, but there was nothing that the whole family could not solve. “The pandemic has brought a great sense of insecurity to all of us because we don’t know how long it will last, so it has brought a great sense of uncertainty to the most vulnerable. During the pandemic, my mother had It was terrible, because this was the longest period of no work in her life. We were all locked up at home for three months and she had no work. She should have started rehearsing “Lahabacion de María”. Its premiere time is fixed. In May 2020, postponed to August in San Sebastian. This uncertainty makes the elderly very uncomfortable. I told her: “Mom, if we don’t do the show at the end, nothing will happen. You worry about yourself. If it is not open, you will charge a very high pension, enjoy your grandchildren, your children, your nephews, and live peacefully”, but of course, I always say that, you took away from the living legend Their art and their work, it is difficult for them to want to do other things, because this is their life, and they must understand it,” he promised.

Manuel admits The artist does not approve of this And when she was almost 82 years old, she sometimes began to speak and make confessions that could be taken out of context, so she asked the translator to be considered, respected and protected: “This is very complicated. I can advise but I can’t force her, and then I tell Hers is: “Be careful with your statement, because what you said suddenly, it is taken out of context, look at the one involved”, I don’t mind going out and denying it, but no, I want to spend my life like this. I If you are going out now, you can go to his house. I don’t know, I don’t know what else to say to appease everyone. If I assume something, then I am serious, but I always tell the truth,” he said.

Manuel and Concha Velasco File Picture / Gtres

The young man insisted that from his point of view, the ideal actress should limit her specific appearances in theaters and television, and enjoy a quiet life in the company of relatives: “I don’t want her to leave him for another day. One day, I really think that this trip you are taking should be the last. For the past 10 years, I have talked to her about it every day,” he said.

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