Manuel Díaz’El Cordobés’ evaluation of his father: “I have forgiven him”

The program blood relation He dedicated his latest issue to one of Spain’s most famous bullfighters, Manuel Diaz Cordoba. Although he is a well-known face in the bullfighting world and on the sofa paper, many things about him are still unknown.In this show, the right-handed opens his heart to his father Manuel Benítez like never before Cordoba, Has never had a relationship with him. In a childhood without a father, her mother became a good reference because she was able to support her family even though she had very little money on hand. Manuel’s identity was never hidden from him. Father of Biology, He did everything possible to not admit that it was his blood. «My grandmother said I was the son of El Cordobés, They take her crazy», he recalled.

Lazos de Sangre plans to dedicate its latest issue to one of Spain’s most famous bullfighters, Manuel Díaz El Cordobés / TVE

Although the physical similarity between the two is obvious and undeniable, the mythical bullfighter never wanted to recognize him. Even rejected him. But the more he did this, the more the young man wanted to prove that what his mother and grandmother said was true. In fact, before stepping into the world of bullfighting, he made a promise to his mother: “Mom, don’t worry. I have pledged to defend your honor and truth.

The passage of time not only finally gave Manuel Díaz a reason, but also gave him a new way of thinking that made him try not to hate his father. He caused him and his family. Such a big damage. «I have forgiven. He has always been brave, but at the same time cowardlyI think this is the only thing that lingers in his mind in his loneliness,” he said. “You can’t force anyone to be there and come,” he continued to explain to the camera in the first part of the show, “but Yes, you can ask for the right to know the truth And the right to exist. You were born because someone made that life possible. People can claim this right: In other words, I am. No offense, why not, is to tell the truth about you. My mother suffered a lot because it was like a shame There was a biological child at that time.

In his words, you can see the good education he received when he was a child, because even though he admitted everything, even though he could not admire “as a man” CordobaYes, he respects him because he is his father. In fact, at some point he began to pity him, because although he was surrounded by a big family that loved him, the veteran bullfighter became more and more lonely in his life. «In life, we have a lot in common, but in some places we are different, very different. I’m sorry to say that.He is alone and I am not».

Impossible meeting

Manuel Diaz El Cordobes
To this day, Manuel Díaz has not met with his father/TVE

Although the two did not meet today, Manuel Díaz was in blood relation A few years ago, they called him on behalf of his biological father and asked him to marry him. “tell me genius He wants to invite you to come to Ramon Sanchez’s farm and play cattle with him. If you want you to bring children, we will do some small things there,” he explained in the show. Far from accepting, his answer is rejection. Because he prefers that the first time is between the two of them, no one is around. «I told him what the illusion is This will give me huge hallucinations, but tell him if he wants me to drive and drink coffee with him now, I want to be with him for five minutes Because maybe after those five minutes I won’t even bring children or bullfights». The answer is certainly not in line with Benitez’s taste, because the media will see the next day that the matador wanted to see his son, but he refused.

However, he still did not admit defeat. Manuel Díaz said: “Don’t be surprised, any day I will sit in the door in a car, I know he is passing by and waiting for him, but for him,” this Cordoba, Thanks to one of the most intimate interviews in his life, he was able to understand himself more thoroughly.

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