Manny Pacquiao Jr wins his second amateur fight (VIDEO)


Tits May 12, at the incredible country club Quiet Cannon Montebello, the son of a Filipino legend, Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr.fought his second fight as an amateur on the Hollywood Fight Nights card, where he again managed to win in front of dozens of fans who were delighted to see him in the ring.

It should be noted that although he did not manage to knock out an opponent, Pacquiao Jr. managed to inflict several powerful blows on his opponent, bringing him to the maximum in battle. It was the judges who decided to give him the win and thus preserve his undefeated record.

He goes step by step

On the other hand, when the fight is over, Pacquiao Jr. said that he was very pleased with his performance and thanked everyone present for their support in this important fight for him, as his rise to professional boxing is undeniable and only time will tell if he can surpass his father, Manny Pacquiao.

He is compared to his father

One of the most striking things is the style Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr.. in the ring as several former fighters and some fans have assured that the new Filipino promise has the same in-ring skills as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, which have made him one of the best fighters.oxers in history.

As if that wasn’t enough Pacquiao Jr. said that he is very flattered by the comparison with his father, since for him Manny Pacquiao means everything in his life and is his greatest idol, therefore, although his career is just beginning, it is very motivating to see the same style that his father forged for several years.


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