Mango’s reversible coat so you do not get bored with your appearance


Mango has the reversible fur of our dreams for saleIt’s impossible to get bored of it, it’s the perfect two-in-one to start the winter on the right foot. Winter is on its way, in a few days we will change the season and with its arrival, the need to get the right clothes becomes more and more obvious. A good coat is always an ideal gift or a necessary investment. Mango have cover definitive, reversible to have two different garments for the price of one that matches our entire wardrobe.

This is Mango’s reversible coat so you do not get bored with your appearance

The coat is our best introductory letter in the winter, the garment we see most, no matter what is underneath, will be our ally who should never fail. We need it to be comfortable, warm and stylish to be able to live a few months of intense cold with a garment that defines us perfectly.

The mango-rock collection is designed with everyday life in mind. Having a coat that matches everything is important. If there is a floral midi dress, a miniskirt or a tracksuit to go to the gym underneath, it will be perfect. Versatility is one of the first factors when it comes to getting the ultimate coat.

A coat for 7 days a week. That it is reversible will give a lot of play. We can wear it in black for work and in white for parties. It’s a way to add a lot of style to every look, you will never get bored, depending on the situation, you can customize this coat to your needs, simply by turning it over.

Sheep have been around since the famous Teddy came on stage. Max mara created the iconic Teddy coat that all brands have copied. In 2013, he lifted the audience from their seats when this shearling rock appeared on the track. Since then, we see again and again this ideal style to meet low temperatures.

The zipper is very warm and the buttons on this coat are huge. These two details make it extra comfortable. We can leave the house with the keys and the phone in our pocket to enjoy life. We need nothing else, we even have a book that we can read in the park that breathes fresh air and lets the winter sun caress us. For only 79.99 euros, this coat is the opportunity we have been waiting for to get the perfect Mango garment for this winter.

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