Mango’s removable cape that sweeps over the networks: ask for it for kings


Eventually, that time of year comes when it’s hard to leave the house without a good coat, a quality one. We know that these products are not cheap, which is why it is important to choose the ideal model in the right way. Our option for next winter is this Mango detachable coat.

It is an option that is among the most attractive that we can find in its catalog. Within this company’s autumn/winter collection, woolen coats have an absolutely prominent place in winter.

How is Mango’s detachable coat

Perfect for cold days

This garment is essential on days when temperatures are reported below 10° C. You can leave your house in the morning and return at night with the certainty of not suffering from wind chill.

It will accompany you by not only keeping you away from the freezing air, but also keeping you looking absolutely stylish. Both in black and in ice grey, which is one of the tones that set the trends this year.

Just as you can choose color, remember that you can choose between several sizes, which They range from XXS to XXL. Since there are several possible choices, carefully review the differences that exist between similar sizes.

clothing material

To create this item with a straight, long and structured design, Mango uses a recycled wool blend fabric. In addition to this, we have a V-neck with a lapel that uses removable synthetic fur and an inner lining. We finish with small accessories such as notched lapels, the tie closure and the belt loop.

Mango's removable cape that sweeps over the networks: ask for it for kings

Having said that, it is important to note that as all products tagged as engagedit comes from fibers and/or sustainable production processes to reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

What’s most striking is its detachable collar, so it seems like you have two layers in one. You also have it in two colors: black and white to choose from.

Price and shipping

This wool coat with collar Mango removable hair costs 129.99 eurosup to what can be expected for a global premium item, which will remain in your winter wardrobe for years.

On the other hand, and on top of the cost, shipping is free to its stores so you can receive it at no extra cost. You just have to wait a couple of days for it to be available and enjoy it for the next few weeks.


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