Mango’s oversized coat, never-before-seen sale: Warning, it’s almost sold out


At the start of World War I, the British government asked Burberry to design a comfortable, durable and waterproof garment designed to protect British soldiers in the trenches. Then the company came up with a solution that will forever change the way we dress.This is the ditch we have oversized coat mango.

It is an essential garment in the catalogs of big companies. Brands like Mango wouldn’t hesitate to include it in their current collections, and we didn’t want to miss a review of this model.

Sale: Mango Coat

it’s about the classic coat cotton trench coat But update to current time. For example, we can notice its oversized fit that is different from other very similar clothes.

Popular shades and premium materials

Available in sizes from XXS to XXL, allowing everyone to choose what they want, we found a shade of khaki, which is dark by the way, one of the trends this season.

Also, note that it is Commitment to collectand options marked in this way are made with fibers and/or sustainable production processes and have a lower impact on the environment.

In more detail, we have a cotton blend fabric and several accessories that make it unique. Pointed and notched lapels, traditional button closure At the front, an adjustable waistband, a back slit, belt loops, buttoned long sleeves and a beautiful lining complete the dress.

Mango's oversized coat, never-before-seen sale: Warning, it's almost sold out

Regarding the outer composition, it is a special blend of 50% polyester, 40% cotton and 10% polyamide. Meanwhile, the inner lining is 100% polyester, top quality in all cases, beautiful and durable.

coat specials

Although the original price of this product was 79.99 euros, you can get it for much cheaper today.This is thanks to his 10 euro discount, which allows him toFor only 69.99 euros, It’s almost a ridiculous value if we compare it to the number of years this trench can accompany you on your winter outings.

It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases, and getting it at the lowest cost doesn’t just mean amortizing over time. You will look different, with a unique elegance, elegance brought by history. You can already have it if you buy it on the Mango website.


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