Mango’s coolest jacket, with everything


this Black friday It’s great to buy clothes at the original price that we may not be able to afford. If you need a comfortable and versatile winter coat, you will be happy to know that Mango’s most beautiful coat is 42% off in the online store.

This is a medium-length straight jacket with long sleeves and dropped shoulder seams. Two flap pockets and two side pockets on the front, double-breasted closure. It is brown and made of wool blend, so it is the warmest thing this season.

This Mango coat fully meets all our requirements for clothing, making it part of the background of our wardrobe.

One of our favorite things about it is that it is perfect for all looks and occasions.. That’s it, it can be paired with a set of sportswear to go shopping, or with a dress and high heels to participate in activities.

In addition, we must add that this is a very comfortable jacket. Oversized style, a little loose and not oppressive. Complete freedom of movement!

Of course, don’t forget it’s a Very warm clothes, Perfect to avoid any cold in winter.

The best thing is the price, because it was previously worth 119.99 euros, now it is 69.99 euros, with a 42% discount.

How to match the mango coat?

If you like a 100% comfortable and stylish look, you can choose this Mango Comfy series of knitted suits..

The trousers are mid-waisted and straight cut, Elastic waist, zip at hem. It was reduced by 10% on Black Friday, so it is now worth 35.99 Euros instead of 39.99 Euros.

This sweater is also knitted, with a zippered Perkins neckline and long sleeves. A very versatile dress, you will definitely get a lot in winter. It also has a Mango discount: it was previously worth 29.99 euros, now it is worth 22.99 euros.

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