Mango’s black ankle boots are all-you-can-eat this fall


Warm, stylish and elegant.all this with Black Ankle Boots mango. They are made of leather so they look like good quality shoes you want to wear with skirts and jeans.

It provides various details and you can buy directly on its website. Do not run out of your number as it may run out very quickly.

How about Mango’s black booties

They’re made from 100% cowhide, and that’s what really catches the eye because they’re of a higher level. Among its details, there are round toe, low cane and block heel.

It comes with decorative stitching, Zip closure at back and 5cm heel. So when you get some height, you’re very comfortable, but it’s never an exaggeration.That’s why swag Perfect for this time of year, you’ll wear it every day with a blazer you just bought to the office.

In its design, the cut of 100% cowhide and 100% polyester lining stands out. It has a 100% polyurethane insole and a 100% thermoplastic sole.

sustainable footwear

In this case, Mango reports that it is one of the garments marked Committed, and the products have been Made with fibers and/or sustainable production processes, thereby reducing its impact on the environment.

Mango's black ankle boots are all-you-can-eat this fall

Because Mango aims to support the implementation of more environmentally conscious practices, thereby increasing the amount of sustainable clothing in its collection.

loot with blazer and more

As we specified, these shoes look great with a blazer at the most important meetings. But it can also be worn with black or burgundy jeans and a blazer, with dresses for evening events, or even with various skirts. It always looks good.

where did you buy these leather ankle boots?

It’s easy for you because you just have to go to the Mango website. It comes in different sizes: from 35 to 42, so you can choose your own.

The price is 49.99 euros You get quality shoes that you know you’ll be buying and wearing for many seasons. Leather is always a safe value, and even better if it comes from a company like Mango. So you won’t run out of this one, you can go to the website and choose your size. It’s very easy and simple, and always has complete security and guarantees.


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