Mango scarf for less than 10 euros that will add a touch of color to your look


When we choose a look, regardless of the occasion, we usually choose the clothes first and then, based on them, accessories and complements. But what if we do the opposite? The new scarf from the Mango collection for spring it’s amazing to create the look around it.

Made of recycled polyester blend fabric, it is square design and has a beautiful floral pattern. The orange / green combination is spectacular and also gives a lot of life and joy to the styling in a very elegant way.

It’s part of Mango Committed Collection, which includes the articles that are made with sustainable production processes and fibers, which has a very positive impact on caring for the environment. For several years, the company has worked to implement methods that are more involved in the natural environment.

The mandarin color on the scarf with floral pattern in green color gives us a world of possibilities when we combine it. We want to suggest some looks for spring:

  • To go to the office comfortably and nicely, you can cheer yourself up with one culotte-style jeans and a white shirt. To give a touch of style and differentiation to such a classic look as this, you can choose some clogs, seasonal star shoes and the Mango scarf. You will love the result!
  • Given that spring is a time of color and fun, you can choose a beige jacket and trouser suit with a green ribbed top, the same as the floral pattern on the scarf. As shoes, you have many options: sandals, moccasins, slippers …

It’s one of those star launches of the new Mango collection to welcome the spring it deserves. In addition to having it tied around the neck, it can also be worn on the head.

The size is unique (70 x 70 centimeters) and the scarf is for sale in Mango’s online store at a great price: € 9.99. We can request free shipping to the store, or check availability at our nearest Mango store.

The Mango’s new collection for this season, it pleasantly surprises us, with a selection of garments, accessories and complements for all styles.

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