Mango sandals with rivets and low heels to be comfortable and stylish


Mango has the sandals with rivets and low heels what you need for spring and summer, a very nice base at a very attractive price. This type of shoe It looks like it came out of a second-hand shop, it’s a return to the 70’s, a decade where comfort and natural materials were preferred. We begin the path of change, the fine weather comes and with it the high temperatures that are beginning to be felt in the feet, flip flops from Mango most desired at the moment.

Mango has nice sandals

These sandals are a good wardrobe, at first glance, they remind us of the retro models a few decades ago. The 70s was the moment of maximum splendor for this type of shoe, inspired by the Swedes, but eased that design to get comfort while the foot is ventilated.

Leather is the material with which these sandals have been made. Mango takes maximum care of the raw material in its accessories and especially shoes. We need to make the change from boots or ankle boots to sandals in the best possible way, with materials that help to take care of our feet and always keep them in top shape.

With the skin, we guarantee that the shoe lasts longer. Nothing compares to natural materials like these, in this case a treated bovine leather designed to keep year and year in perfect condition. A long-term investment that we in these times we live in can not let go.

Mango sandals with rivets and low heels to be comfortable and stylish

Brown is the color we need for our feet. We leave black behind, but we choose a conservative trend that gives our feet the element that is combined with everything. Nothing can resist these sandals, from a dress to pants, simple or printed, they will look just as good.

Mango is investing in a few studs which will give the retro top to these sandals. As if a shoemaker had made them by hand with the love of creating a shoe forever. This type of detail will give the shoe a different finish, a point of elegance for a shoe that always stands out. With low heel and very light rubber sole.

It is 59.99 euros what these sandals will cost us it will be our best ally these days. At the moment, they are available in almost all sizes in physical stores or on Mango’s website.

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