Mango Outlet gives up to 40% discount on a large part of their garments


If you want to be fashionable, but with discounted prices, you should pay attention to the site too Mango Outlet because there are always different offers throughout the year. Like now, then Mango Outlet discounts up to 40% much of their garments. We tell you about the most interesting campaigns.

Some models are only available online or the offer is only if you buy online. It’s time to see the different party models, basic for the whole year and also jackets for this winter.

The garments such as Mango Outlet reduce up to 40%

On this website there are always important discounts and the best of all is that there are a variety of garments of all kinds.


Do not miss the most interesting discounts in dresses. In this case, we have in stamping, from flowers, or of different colors or smooth. As an example, highlight it with flowers that were worth 49.99 euros and are now 24.99 euros, that is, much more than what these offers mark for these days.

By the way, the discounts of 40% They will be there for a limited time, until November 1st, so hurry up for the prices flying.

There is more, the dress in floral print, in gray, also has a super offer, and from EUR 49.99 it has been raised to EUR 17.99. I’ll not lose it!


It’s time to buy coats to wear this winter. There is the double-buttoned coat, which goes from 99.99 euros to 59.99 euros, and is made of wool. With texture. Cross design. Medium design and lapel collar. With a detachable belt, it protrudes from the opening detail on the back.

Mango Outlet gives up to 40% discount on a large part of their garments

The garments marked as Committed are products that have been manufactured with fibers and / or sustainable production processes, which reduces their environmental impact.

Meanwhile he wool coat has gone from 79.99 euros to 39.99 euros. As a feature, it is remarkable that it presents woven wool, with an oversize design, lapel neck and wide sleeves. It has an opening detail on the back with a button closure at the front.

You can not escape these low prices and move on to Black Friday now. Good too You have blouses, pants, tweezers, leggings, imitation leather pants, shorts, and even skin effect. These are models that you will wear during these days and even in winter and which may not have a lower price.

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