Mango launches its new collection of boots and triumphs with this model: madness with its price!


If you’re looking for some shoes for this season, Mango launches its new collection of ankle boots. They are new, in brown and they succeed with a special model. And they do it for their design and especially for the price. The one you want and you must not miss.

It is available in two shades of brown and they are a must already at the end of winter. And the best part is that you wear them at different times of the year.

Mango launches its new collection of ankle boots

And we’ve noticed a model that sweeps, so look for your size and buy them before they run out or it’s too late.

The change in leather with heels is the most. this versatile boot that you want to wear and that is combined with many clothes, whether you want to go more formal or if you have a more casual look.

One of its peculiarities is mixed leather fabric which offers higher quality for all types of accessories. You can wear them with anything because they are low cut except they have a round toe, and they have a zipper on the side.

Mango launches its new collection of boots and triumphs with this model: madness with its price!

Mangoes labeled as Committed are products that have been manufactured with fibers and / or sustainable production processes, which reduces their environmental impact. Mango’s goal is to support the implementation of methods that are more committed to the environment and thereby increase the number of sustainable garments in its collection. And here are the boots that also present that sustainable air that we want.

Its preparations are also remarkable, because the cut is 96% bovine leather, 3% polyester, 1% zinc. While the lining is 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane. The insole is 100% polyurethane and the sole is 100% thermoplastic.

What should you wear boots with right now?

It is available in two colors: on the one hand a lighter brown suede and on the other hand a slightly darker brown leather, without suede in this case. The price is the same for both models of boots: € 49.99and it is a bargain because they are made with the best materials.

In addition, we carry Cowboys and shirts, when we want to go to work more comfortably. But also on those excursions where it is important to look at what we are wearing. Well, at dinners with dresses they are good, and also for the events we want, whether it is to combine with skirts and dresses, as well as pants in different colors.

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