Mango launches Alter Made’s new sustainable fashion and online sales company


mango, One of the companies Spanish fashion Most people have announced that it will launch The new iconic Alter Made, focused on sustainable fashion and online sales.

This is Alter Made, Mango’s new sustainable online signature

this Sustainable fashion Is currently the leading protagonist of the fashion industry.We told you yesterday New Primark «eco» series it is … now Mango is not a campaign but an advertisement for the entire company Independent Alter Made is made up of 100% sustainable clothing, we can Enjoy it on your own website from November.

Mango explained that Alter Made was created to Arrive at one “Specific public seeking responsible consumption”.

with Clothing will be made in Spain and Turkey, The company will first go public in my country, then enter the international market, and sell in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

This will be Alter Made’s sustainable series

The first phase of AlterMade’s release will launch a series that only contains 120 garments made of sustainable materials And it is characterized by the combination of “eternal” design and “responsible consumption”. In addition to clothing made in Spain and Turkey, they will also use cotton fabrics from Portuguese producers or cashmere from Italian textile craftsmen.

In addition, the entire process of making clothing will be in one Traceability control of all raw materials Used to prove their origin and quality and their value as sustainable materials.

Toni Ruiz, CEO of Mango He explained that the establishment of the brand will allow the group to try new sustainable production methods that can be implemented in its main brand Mango.

“Alter Made is another value bet of the Mango Group, which is aimed at specific members of the public who are seeking responsible consumption.with.Our goal is to adapt to this trend while learning and trying new ways of working This will enable us to advance our global sustainable development strategy”.

Original goal Alter Made will achieve sales of 25 million euros within three years. Signature will be Led by Alejandra Mur de MangoHe has been working at Mango for 15 years and has a team of 12 people.

«For us, the road we are now walking is an exciting challenge», Moore has announced. “In society, there is a growing demand for collections that help to consume fashion responsibly. This is our main goal. Make high-quality garments, be very careful, make them nearby, and have a long lifespan«.

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