Mango Kids espadrilles that Princess Leonor needs this spring


Princess Eleanor will return during the spring break and maybe you need these espadrilles in your suitcase Mango Children. The Queen Letizia and her daughters are, like other royals, great lovers of espadrilles. These almost handmade shoes, which were originally intended as a complement to long working hours, have ended up as a desired object for fashion experts. Another year, with the nice weather comes the passion for espadrilles that share Princess Eleanor and his mother.

Mango Kids has the espadrilles that Princess Leonor needs this spring

This spring comes with the first rays of the sun and good weather that invites you to leave your boots and boots in the closet. It’s time to get a very special accessory, the espadrilles. The most comfortable and flattering shoesmaybe it will reach Princess Leonor’s wardrobe thanks to Mango Kids.

The heir to the throne is a loyal supporter of the Mango brand. We have seen Leonor wear the same dress from this company on more than one occasion, but we have also chosen espadrilles right now. In the children’s department Mango Kids we find espadrilles that come up to size 39, perfect for Leonor.

Mango Kids has very comfortable shoes for teens and women who have a maximum size of 39 feet. It may be this year’s discovery, but thanks to Mango Kids we can carry the same style as in other low costs, which saves a little more. There are garments and accessories that are worth the price we get.

These espadrilles are a statement of intent for this spring. Shoes that we should also wear in the summer, maybe Leonor can wear them during his annual holidays in the Balearic Islands. It would not be the first time he appeared with espadrilles from a national company.

Pink is one of the most popular colors, for that reason, these espadrilles may be the most seen this season. This tone, along with a traditional design that allows them to be adapted to the foot through straps, makes them a very appealing option for those days that are yet to come.

For much less than it seems, only 29 euros, we bring home some espadrilles from Mango Kids that we can see on a princess’ feet or have in our wardrobe. Do not run out of them, there are few numbers left.

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