Mango has this autumn’s most original and modern boots


We are all clear that ankle boots are a base in our wardrobe autumn. But we refuse to stick to the basic shapes and colors, and we always try to look for ankle boots that add a different touch to the look. So when we’ve seen new Mango boots, It’s been a real love affair!

This season Footwear with rubberized finish, perfect for cold and rainy days. Well, Mango suggests these mid-cut ankle boots with side stretch panels. The most special is the sole, available in green, red or purple. Which one will you keep?

It is a 5 centimeter high sole that insulates the feet from cold and moisture in the ground. But also color contrast makes the look look completely different.

Let’s think of a comfortable look for everyday, of jeans and jumper. If we add these ankle boots, things change completely! They are good for become modern and the latest but in a subtle way.

In addition to being very comfortable, they are ankle boots that are combined with everything. And this is something we value very much because we like versatile shoes, which we can easily adapt to any look and occasion.

To be the undisputed protagonists, we can combine them with one total black appearance, with a midi skirt and a sweatshirt or trousers in imitation leather and a top.

Predictably, ankle boots have been a real hit in the world Mango online store. They have gone on sale this week and there are already several sold out issues. You can also check availability at your nearest store by entering your zip code or location. They cost 69.99 euros.

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