Manchester United missed an opportunity to ignore Ralph Rangnick


Manchester United just can’t get out of their way due to mishandling Ole Gunnar Solskjaerof the future: due to the club’s failure to fully communicate with the fans following the European Super League fiasco, the club is now ready to make another mistake by ignoring Ralph Rangnik

Rangnik, is currently a consultant without a contract for Lokomotiv Moscow, told everyone who would listen what would interest him Manchester United a coaching position, and to get it … he even wants to take it temporarily until the end of the season.

However, that would be too easy for Ed Woodward and his team of incredibly competent and skilled assistants who instead want to take the more difficult path of continuing to monitor results under Solskjaer’s leadership with the intention of hiring Brendan Rogers over the summer.

Yes, the same Brendan Rogers what did you train Liverpool and almost led them to their first title in nearly three decades and then finished behind Solskjaer United for two seasons in a row.

The foremost thinker behind the renewal of German football

Although he is not known for his recent coaching exploits, Rangnik is the foremost thinker who sparked a revolution in German football at the turn of the millennium, spawning the coaching style we see today in Jürgen Klopp and Julian Nagelsmann

The German is desperately trying to transfer this knowledge to England and succeed there, and despite how poorly managed the club is, he is recovering Manchester United to the pinnacle of English football would have ranked first on almost anyone’s list of accomplishments.

Rangnik knows this, which is why he would so much like to take charge for six months and then move into a technical role to ensure that the club moves intelligently and has continuity in all of its sporting decisions.

Salvation from the chaos of Woodward

Ed Woodwardstay in Manchester United he can be remembered as an incompetent, insufficiently qualified person taking responsibility for an organization he knows nothing about.

He’s been chasing his own tail for most of the decade, swinging from bad decision to bad, and it looks like he’ll leave the club with one last git.

United don’t have a style of play and they don’t have a technical department that plans ahead. RangnikHis arrival would provide a chance to establish a playstyle with the current squad in preparation for hiring a vibrant coach in the summer, a coach fit for the team.

After that, allowing Rangnik in order to seize power at the club, he had to ensure that the right players were bought, according to the Old Trafford system, and that there would no longer be a situation where the club would spend two years chasing Jadon Sanchobefore finally signing € 75 million with it and then having no idea how to use it.

Unfortunately for the supporters, Richard Arnold he is being trained to take over, and he is just as incompetent and just as under-qualified, which means that United’s next coaching appointment is probably irrelevant, the status quo of underperformance will continue.

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