Manchester United faces identity crisis amid postponement of Solskjaer


M5-0 home defeat to Anchester United Liverpool left the club on the cusp of yet another grandiose decision regarding his coach, but the club faced an identity crisis in the midst of a short reprieve Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Despite reports that the Norwegian coach will be fired after Sunday’s horror show, the legendary club has been given the next three matches to turn the current season, which is rarely good.

The start of the 2021/22 season was unfortunate and perhaps inexplicable. Even with prolonged doubts about SolskjaerThanks to tactical acumen, the squad assembled before this season is too strong to give up in matches as they are.

Defeat Liverpool was pointless because LiverpoolThe fourth goal before half-time showed the deplorable disposition of United’s players.

This may be due to poor training, but more often than not, this neglect on the pitch is a sign that the team has abandoned their coach and little hope that he will fix it.

Are the players convinced?

United’s club and dressing room have become much happier since Jose Mourinho left the club and the constant state of the battle is no longer evident.

Solskjaer has done an incredible job of bringing the team together, but it’s like adding two real stars, two real players as Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane shed light on the tactical shortcomings of Solskjaer.

These two were in real Madrid Together, for most of the decade, they know what a circuit must look like to win the European Cup, and they don’t see it at United. Is this extended to other players? It is difficult to answer this question without being in the dressing room, but after seeing Luke Shaw the 5-0 result against Liverpool is said to be very worrying.

Can Solskjaer make a difference?

Now the situation has reached the point that the decision seems to have already been made. The helpless reign of Manchester United is comfortable with the fact that Solskjaer will probably not win all three of his next matches against Tottenham Hotspur, Atalanta and Manchester City, but even so, their opinion is accepted.

Granting the club legend a public relations postponement is the latest in a long list of disrespectful actions towards coaches since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down, and it’s impossible not to blame Ed Woodward for it.

Senior players do not believe in Solskjaer’s tactics, although they may respect and love him as a person. Players like Ronaldo and Varane are not going to sit back and wait for the coach to learn on the job, they have no time.

United is experiencing an identity crisis

The question that baffles United’s low-ranking hierarchy is not what to do with Solskjaer, but how to replace him.

Antonio Conte may be the best coach in the world right now, but after working with Jose Mourinho, mainly his emotional twin, the club is wary of those who don’t get along with everyone in the locker room, and those who will demand it from them. they run the club properly, striving for sporting success.

Conte’s style is generally negative, even though his results at Inter suggest, and this is not necessarily a problem, but the mighty at United seem to cling to a style they think is synonymous club, but in fact it is not. fully understanding this.

Ferguson’s United have never been arrogant in terms of entertainment. They were never Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle who wanted to attack at all costs. Ferguson’s approach was to win, and it just so happened that attacking football was often the best way for his teams to win.

Obviously, these teams were created by design, but there were certain times when Ferguson set his team up negatively, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but it would be a delusion to rule Conte out of control entirely based on style. debt to Woodward and his associates.

What does United need?

The fact of the matter is that United don’t have the right people to make the right sporting decisions, it’s no secret, and this will continue when Richard Arnold replaces Woodward, no date has been set yet.

In this situation, a well-managed football club will evaluate the squad and decide which way they want their team to move forward. It looks like United wants to have an attractive look in football, so look at the most talented, experienced and successful striker coaches.

In terms of accessibility, you are looking at Mauricio Pochettino and Eric ten Hagneither of them would consider moving before the end of the current season, but that doesn’t kill the project initially.

You can bring in a temporary coach to work with the team, improve their pressing and set the stage for an attacking coach to come. Ralph Rangnik so experienced and desperate for a chance to work in the Premier League, so much so that he will probably take that role on a temporary basis.

It prepares you for the future without sacrificing the present, and it also makes it clear to the players that the club knows which direction it wants to go.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this decision will literally be made by Woodward, and no matter how he thinks, the wind blows on a certain day. It is possible that Conte will end up taking over, but he will not do so with any real plan, foresight and realistic expectation of support.

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