Man who set girlfriend on fire in La Laguna is guilty of murder – EFE News


Santa Cruz de Tenerife (EFE), and also determined that he did so treacherously and with particular cruelty.

The verdict also applies to the defendant the aggravating circumstance of kinship, when it has been demonstrated that they formed a couple, and that of gender violence given the physical superiority and humiliating treatment he suffered.

After more than ten hours of deliberation, the people’s court ruled out that Abraham ZA was unaware of what he was doing due to drug or alcohol ingestion and his psychological problems.

He also considered it proven that the machete found was used to threaten her that he was going to dismember her, as neighbors heard.

In view of this verdict, the prosecution and the defendants maintained their request for 25 years in prison and compensation.

The defense, for its part, requested an acquittal, but now it is asking the Court for the lowest possible sentence.

Ramona JSA died of deep second and third degree burns that covered 80% of her body.

The events took place on September 23, 2020 at 3:30 a.m. in a house in the Princesa Iballa urbanization in La Laguna. At that time, there was a strong argument and, then, the jury considers that the man set fire to the victim, who will die 24 hours later.

The trial hearings began last Monday, continued throughout the week and residents of the building where the murder was committed, specialized firefighters, forensic doctors, experts and members of the security testified.

In this way, it was possible to reconstruct the environment in which the death occurred, the profiles of the victim and the accused, and the events that occurred after the gasoline explosion.

The daughters of the deceased also intervened in one of the sessions to indicate that, although the relationship with their mother, a drug addict who asked for money in supermarkets, was not very close, they saw her from time to time. time.

The last time was when he told them he had a girlfriend and was living in her house, an extreme that is important in that he determined whether or not this was violence based about gender in the family as the charges say. ECE


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