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At the end of July 2021, the individual who dragged his dog “Rusty” at 140 km/h on the Nantes ring road (44) was sentenced to a 5-year ban on keeping animals and a fine of… 900 euros. Civil lawsuit has been filed The 30 Million Friends Foundation regrets the ridiculous verdict.

Consequences are serious, fines don’t… A resident of Saint-Herblain (44) found guilty a year after dragging his dog “Rusty” at 140 km/h on the Nantes ring road (26/7/ 2021).

far from the maximum penalty provided by the law

The criminal court sentenced him to a five-year ban on keeping animals and a fine of 900 euros. Abuse was not retained due to lack of elements to demonstrate intent to restrain or injure an animal. The offence was eventually reclassified as intentional abandonment of an animal.

Even if we avoid acquittals, we’re still far from the maximum sentences set for such crimesexplained Caroline Lanty, a lawyer for the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Although he had no intention of dragging the dog, he deliberately left it on the side of the road, alive but bleeding. This attitude constituted a waiver that he was condemned – too lightly. This unacceptable behavior and source of great suffering to animals should lead to an exemplary and dissuasive sentence. “.

Before escaping, he had separated the animals with blood

As a reminder, two motorists witnessed a horrific scene on the night of July 26, 2021. The animal was tethered to a leash at the back of the car. ” Flirting at 140 km/h “. according to An article from western Francewhen witnesses managed to pull over, the driver reportedly said he ” do not know “That dog sticks in the back, that car” does not belong to him ”. He escaped after dismantling the bleeding animal.

The tortured dog had to be euthanized after the intervention of Sdis 44 firefighters. 30 Million Friends Foundation files civil lawsuit for cruelty and severe cruelty to animals at its partner Loire animal shelter – Atlantic.


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