Man Recommended In Kirikiri For Bypassing Meter In IE Network

Christian Ejike Anigbo, 31, was prosecuted by police before Ikeja Magistrate Court and later in Kirikiri Correctional Facility for evading the electric meter belonging to Ikeja Electric.

According to an eyewitness, Christian Ejike Anigbo was arrested on 28 November 2022 by law enforcement officers at 3 Balogun Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja for meter shunting and was handed over to police for prosecution. . Defendant, therefore, was indicted on one count of three counts of conspiring, with others now on the run, to commit unlawful interference with Ikeja Electric property, and thereby committed an offense contrary to section 411 and punishable under section 412 of the Lagos State Penal Act 2015.

In addition, he was charged with illegal reconnection of electricity by tampering with Ikeja Electric’s prepaid meter to divert it for electricity consumption and therefore committed a contrary offense punishable under section 340 of the Lagos State Criminal Laws. 2015. Ejike was also charged with behaving in a manner likely to disturb public order by illegally connecting electricity in a public place and therefore committed a contrary offense punishable under section 168 (d) of the Criminal Law of the State of Lagos.

The defendant pleaded not guilty to the three count charge and his lawyer requested that he be granted bail on liberal terms. The Respondent was given a bond in the amount of N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira), two guarantees for the same amount, guarantees which must provide evidence of payment of tax. The addresses of the bonds must also be verified. The defendant was detained at the Kirikiri Correctional Center pending the completion of his bail conditions. The matter was added to January 19, 2023 for mention of him.

The Head of Legal and Regulatory Compliance Barr. Osadare stated that one of the main challenges affecting the efficient provision of service by distribution companies (DisCo) is the high incidence of energy theft. He stated that energy theft is any act by a customer/consumer that hinders or limits a Disco’s ability to account for or receive value for the energy supplied. This includes the act of bypassing meters, bypassing meters, free riding, hooking/unhooking, illegal connection and reconnection, etc.

According to him, the negative impacts of energy theft on the value chain are so severe that they rob the value chain of critical revenue needed to effectively boost the power sector. Therefore, the act should be condemned and discouraged by well meaning members of society.

Osadare also said that beyond the fact that the law disapproves of energy theft, it is morally wrong to take or use electrical energy that is not their own or that is intended for the entire community in order to avoid payment or transmit it in a dubious manner. liability for payment to other innocent persons. Safety of life and property is also important, as meter tampering and illegal wiring acts can lead to a total blackout, explosion and even electrocution. Therefore, it is the collective responsibility of everyone in our communities to ensure that the supply of electricity services is not interrupted.

We will continue to work hard to ensure a great customer experience for our valued customers, which speaks to our “Customer First, Technology Now” mantra. He said.

Advising clients to avoid any form of energy theft, he congratulated traditional rulers, community leaders, influencers, youth leaders and security agencies for providing support to dependents and for the role they play in protecting energy infrastructure. IE against power theft and vandalism.

He urged members of the public to report any form of power theft, meter bypass, illegal connection and suspicious persons around electrical installations via the Ikeja Electric whistleblower hotlines 08008476337, 08000TIPOFFS or email to [email protected] .

Customers can also call our customer service hotline 01-700 0250, 01-2272940 or send an email to [email protected]

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