Man jumps in front of Tokyo Disneyland parade, gets accosted to Christmas music【Video】


The cast members spring into action in a surreal moment for park visitors.

Disneyland in Tokyo is a popular holiday destination at any time of the year, but especially in the vicinity Christmas. The park always hosts special decorations, shows and parades to celebrate Christmas, making it a great place for friends, families and couples to create memories they will cherish forever.

However, for some people who were at Tokyo Disneyland on Tuesday, when they look back on their day at the park, they will remember not only chewing churros and posing for photos wearing Mickey Mouse hats, but also when some dude got knocked down and pinned to the ground by security, all to the accompaniment of merry christmas parade music.

At 3:30 p.m. floats and performers for Disney Christmas Stories Parade they go on a day trip around the park. But as they crossed the square in front of Cinderella’s Castle, the man suddenly got up from where he was sitting in the spectator area along the parade route and ran straight into the path of the oncoming platforms, turning around and waving both hands, jumping up and down.

The dancers in the parade can afford to prank like this, but it’s a safety issue when guests do it, so the man was quickly knocked to the ground by a worker in a maroon jacket, or “cast member” as Tokyo Disneyland employees are called. Several other cast members came to the rescue, subduing the man with their collective body weight.

▼ Ironically, they nailed it as the accompanying vocals sang “Feel a little lighter!”

The man, who during questioning was revealed to be 51 years old and unemployed, was handed over to the police and placed in custody on charges of obstruction of business by force, a wide-ranging crime that includes a variety of disruptive disturbances committed on or around company property. However, in his statement to the police, he said that “It wasn’t my intention to cause trouble” so maybe the parade just filled him with so much festive spirit that it pushed out his common sense, and investigators are still figuring out the extent of his legal culpability.

The parade resumed six minutes late, and thankfully the incident did not lead to Tokyo Disneyland deciding to cancel Christmas again.

Source: Nitele news by Peasant! News from JapanNews (2)
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