Man burnt to death by war and crashed car into Russian embassy in Romania


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The driver of a car was burnt this Wednesday to bonzo and he crashed his car lean on the perimeter fence Russian Embassy in Romania building as a sign Protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The driver is identified as Bogdan DragicFirst, he rammed his car into the embassy, ​​and as soon as he got in, he yelled at the building’s security and burned him out.

Dragic, a lawyer who was jailed this week for abusing his daughter, posted a message to his Facebook account hours before his death, warning “Innocent people are dying minute by minute in Ukraine”. a) Yes, condemned the war and claim “He’s also Ukrainian.” In this way, he wanted to express his solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

“Putin is Hitler”

“Humanity is going through a crisis that seems to be heading for the end of the world,” he said before condemning the actions of a “democratic world” because no stronger measures were taken Putin,” he likened to Adolf Hitler.

Furthermore, he denounced that they were committing “horrific massacre On Ukrainian soil, millions of victims seek refuge in other countries.”

Dragic was arrested in 2019 and charged with sexually abusing his daughter. On Tuesday, just a day before hitting the fence, he was sentenced to 15 years and four months in prison, although he can appeal the sentence.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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