Mali expelled and declared “unwelcome persons” as representatives of the African Economic Community


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In May 2021, just five months ago, it was being held in Mali Second coup This country suffered in less than a year. The first time occurred in August 2020, and the second time occurred in May 2021. Transitional President, BarndowAnd the prime minister, Motal Varnet, Was arrested by the army.

The situation in Africa is very unstable. In early October, we published an article written by Pedro Alonso for the institution on EL ESPAÑOL Effie Which warns of one Possible contagious effects In other countries on the African continent, some people are talking about the volatile situation in Mali.

Nowadays Mali Transitional Government declares “unwelcome person”“And was deported Hamidou Boli, Special Representative of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), For “behavior inconsistent with their identity.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mali confirmed in a statement that Boli was summoned to the agency’s headquarters on Monday to inform him of the government’s decision.

“This decision was made after several warnings were issued to stakeholders through their hierarchy,” the note said but did not provide detailed information on the content of these warnings, adding that it gave ECOWAS representatives 72 Leaving African countries in hours.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in the statement that the government can “maintain dialogue with ECOWAS” And act together in the spirit of unity, complementarity, mutual respect and sincerity to achieve the success of the transformation and consolidate our efforts to strengthen regional integration. “

A week after the ECOWAS delegation visited Mali, Boli was deported and urged the ruling military government to respect the transition period and the election date in February next year.

Currently, the country is deeply in a situation of serious insecurity and political instabilityUnder the pressure of the jihadists, two coups took place in less than a year, after which the unfinished transition process began.


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