Malena Alterio: “We didn’t want transsexuals to laugh and misunderstand”


What would our reflection in the mirror tell us if it could speak to us? Probably everything that we think, but do not dare to say out loud. This is the starting point mirror Mirror, a comedy in which 4 employees of a cosmetics company prepare to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. Four people going through different personal crises in their lives. To top it off, the youngest in the company (Natalie de Molina) invented the “inclusive project” that will change the entire workforce.

Frame ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

The three of them will begin to see their reflection in the mirror talking to them. Alvaro (Santi Millan) sees the winner he thinks he is, Alberto (Carlos Areses) to her biggest critic, and Christina (Malena Alterio) is its male version. mirror Mirror it’s a “comedy that goes on, makes you think” comments Malena Alterio a Andrew Arconada during an interview in this movie.

Malena Alterio explains in EsRadio that “Christina goes to the gym, but when she changes clothes, she sees that her reflection is not ordinary, she herself, but a man.” Then he will begin “his journey to understand what is happening to him and what he did not see in the past, since he denied for a long time what he really is.” Malena’s character is the least comical of mirror Mirror“It’s something deliberate because it’s sensitive issue, issue of transsexualityY we didn’t want to laugh and misunderstood.”

Frame ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

Malena Alterio’s challenge mirror Mirror it was triple, since his character sees not one reflection, but two. “He played three pillows, on the one hand, he talked to me, but in a manly and with third version of me, big negative and what he just told me don’t think it’s wrong”.

According to the actress, the shooting was not easy at all. “I did the scene twice, on one side of the mirror, and then we repeated the next one with the sound of the first one, so that give yourself an objection, we had an earpiece“. The problem for Malena is that “I am very critical of myself, and while she listened to me, she condemned me, This is my first time working with myself and sometimes I can’t stand it” Andres Arconada says between laughter.

It was clear to the actress that she wanted to participate in mirror Mirror from the beginning: “I was fascinated by the script from the first page.” He also saw the director’s previous film. Mark Crew, one-eyed king. The director, for whom he has only good words, “he is very good, he makes smart and subtle humor in which comedy comes from situations that are created, not from a joke“because” he could have fallen into something more grotesque, but he managed to hold us back.

Team “Mirror, Mirror”.

Malena admitted that she was very pleased with the end result mirror Mirror. “For the first time I see myselfnot in this movie, but in general, I want to leave the country, leave everything … total drama. But from the second time I begin to see part of the whole. The actress explains that “when we watch a film, we have a lot of information, we read the script, lived through the shooting… we built the film in our head for what it is, to make the process an adaptation between the movie we had in our head and realityAnd it’s worth it.”

Malena invites everyone to go to the cinema to see this comedy, which they will laugh at “because it has some very funny moments” but “which will make you think about how we treat each other, talk to each other, judge each other each other, criticizing each other… this goes beyond a simple comedy where you will laugh“.

mirror Mirror premieres in theaters this Friday May 20th.


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