Malaysian worker Ng Zhi Yong dies tragically aged 23: Learn all about the accident


Ng Zhi Yong, a 23-year-old worker from Malaysia, died in a tragic car accident last week. Find out how Ng Zhi Yong died, what happened to him and what caused the accident that led to the loss of his life at a really young age.

Yong was returning to work from Singapore and was only 5 minutes away from his home when he had a terrible accident. He was rushed to the hospital but released quickly. An autopsy was reportedly performed to determine the exact cause of the loss of life.

Who was Ng Zhi Yong?

Ng Zhi Yong was a 23-year-old Malaysian who was in a terrible car accident last week. Born in 1999, the younger man worked as an operator at a milk bottle factory in Singapore. He was reportedly the only young man in his house.

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Yong was working in Singapore and was due to return to his residence in Kota Masai, Malaysia on the day of his death. He met the accident just 5 minutes from his house where his household was ready for his arrival.

How did Ng Zhi Yong die?

Ng Zhi Yong died in a freak car accident on Thursday, December 8, 2022, while returning from work. He was approaching his residence on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the younger man had an accident just 5 minutes from his place of residence in Pasir Gudang.

The accident happened in the afternoon between 12:00 and 1:00 pm on the Pasir Gudang highway from Taman Johor Jaya towards Taman Megah Ria in Maasai. Based on the research, Yong’s motorcycle collided with a pick-up truck and had to be pulled out from under the truck.

Police and medical personnel arrived at the scene of the accident. Rescuers had to use specific tools to extricate the victim from under the car.

Ng Zhi Yong died at the age of 23 in a car accident: what was the cause?

Ng Zhi Yong was handed over after battling fatalities in a car accident on December 8, 2022 on the Pasir Gudang Highway. According to a spokesperson for the Johor Hearth and Rescue Division, the accident happened around 12:49 p.m.

Investigations suggest that the victim, Yong, collided with the pick-up truck at excessive speed. The collision caused him to fall under the car and had to be pulled out. Nevertheless, he was conscious when firefighters got him out.

Yong was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he died around 6:00 p.m. that same day. Doctors did indeed laboriously try to transfuse blood and save his life, but Ng Zhi Yong died due to the extreme lack of blood and the fatal accidents suffered in the crash.

The second specific person involved in the accident was a 40-year-old man from Bangladesh who was driving a pick-up truck. Fortunately, he was unharmed.

Ng Zhi Yong’s associates request a video of the incident

Ng Zhi Yong’s colleagues are shocked by the unfortunate incident. They are asking for video recordings to determine how the accident happened and what caused Ng Zhi Yong’s death. They seem to look for suspicion in police research.

Ms. Chua, Ng’s best friend, spoke to a reporter about Yong’s departure. She revealed that despite this, Ng was wearing his company’s uniform when the tragic accident befell him.

Ng’s many different colleagues show him respect on social media, but further question who is responsible for the tragedy.

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Ng Zhi Yong’s mother known as her son before she died

Mrs. Chua further revealed that Ng Zhi Yong was however conscious when he was rescued. “Still, Zhi Yong was conscious when he was rescued. In that second, his mother turned to him and asked why he didn’t show up so late. Zhi Yong replied that after some time he would leave permanently,” she said.

She then revealed that Ng’s mom had been reaching out to him to know where he was just before the accident. He said he was coming to his place of residence. Nevertheless, when she came here to find out about the accident, she came back and the nurse made the decision.

The nurse informed Ng’s mother that her son was already in a coma. Ng was the only member and supporter of her mother where she lived. His father gave up a few years ago.

Ng Zhi Yong was cremated on December 11, 2022. We extend our deepest condolences to his family members. May God rest his soul in peace.


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