“Make love for good grades”: The extortion of female students by five Moroccan university professors


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Five university professors are being tried in the Moroccan town of Settat. They are accused of sexually extorting students in the so-called “sex for good grades” case. This is a very media reason. MoroccoIn recent years, several such scandals have occurred in universities.

These are teachers from the Faculty of Law and Science of Setat University, who underwent similar trials in two different processes: Asking his students for sex in exchange for their gradesAfter a public conversation with an alleged victim, her case broke out. The victim stated that one of them asked her to have sex with her, her sister and her mother.

According to the allegations announced by the Ministry of Justice, the four were accused of sexual harassment, incitement to depravity, gender discrimination, psychological violence against women by authority figures, and abuse of power.

These four people are from law school, Including the district chief (MK). This person and one of his subordinates (AL) were detained preventively, while others who responded to the acronyms MB and JL were released after paying bail of 50,000 and 20,000 dirhams (4,778 and 1,911 euros).

The trial of the four took place on Tuesday at Settat and The fifth professor (MM) is being tried in the same city court of appeal, Located 160 kilometers south of Rabat.

This fifth professor belongs to the Department of Economics and was charged with sexual harassment and “violent indecency” and is punishable by 5 to 10 years in prison.

The case broke out after the announcement of the dialogue between the dean of the law department and a student in September last year.

According to the police report he had contacted Effie, In this case, taken from the statements of 11 alleged victims One of them-the protagonist of these conversations-claimed that MK wooed her late at night WeChat.

“The conversation is mine, they are information with the person (teacher) who asked me to have sex with him in exchange for interceding with me (and other teachers) because he knows the teacher and got good grades in the exam,” he said . Say.

He added: “He even asked to have sex with my sister and my mother.”, Because the teacher has been a friend of his family for many years.

“I accepted all his requirements until I achieved my goal: get good grades and pass the exam. But I have never seen him alone or had sex with him.”

The professor explained to the police that the circulated conversation was a private conversation between him and his family, Those rude words are jokes, and they are published to slander him.

In recent years, similar cases of teachers asking students for sex are not uncommon. The victims generally remain silent, fearing reprisals from teachers or universities, or stigmatization by the society. In 2017, a university professor in Tetuan was sentenced to one year in prison for harassment.

Other cases

On December 6, EL ESPAÑOL reported that the Moroccan NGO “Don’t Touch My Son” filed a lawsuit against ALF and DLG in the Tangier Court. In this case, the two Spanish citizens in the case were the board of directors of the Small Integration Association. the member of. Padia, by ““Sexual abuse” and “abuse in various senses” of minors.

Complaints he reported Sonia Moreno, It happened after some former wards protested against the two people who were supposed to take care of them. The complaint even talked about human trafficking.

The center was created by a collaboration between Morocco and Spain and is a project aimed at reintegrating minors into society. Allegedly, the two Spanish workers in the project used their authority and directly dealt with minors. According to the testimony of the former ward, they were attracted by privileges and gifts outside the institution.

The Tangier Assadaka Social Center, where the defendant works, is a residence for protecting minors who are in abandonment or social risk situations. It takes care of 34 minors between the ages of 6 and 18.

For the boys People who lack family choices Is working hard to provide foster families Kafala, Adopted in Morocco. Young people who leave the center at the age of 18 are supported to achieve autonomy.

The Assadaka Social Center was established between 2000 and 2002 and received funding from the Madrid City Council. Subsequently, organizations such as the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Madrid community supported its maintenance and implementation of the plan.


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