Majority of ‘midterm’ GOP candidates deny 2020 election results


Donald Trump already won medium term. Majority of Republican candidates to contest November 8 legislative elections in the United States Denied 2020 results who leads the White House Joe Biden.

One hard work Washington post It concluded that at least 299 candidates for House and Senate seats, as well as other senior officials, questioned at least the cleanliness of the election, in line with remarks by the defeated Trump.

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post The names of these politicians have been compared to outcome predictions in their respective territories and it has been decided that most of them, 174 in particular, are likely to win, and 51 others will question the victory of their Democratic opponents.

The prestigious newspaper explained that the repercussions of the situation would be very relevant and long-lasting, “poisoning” the election of the next president of the United States, not least because the Speaker will provide these people with positions. trumpeteralso because of its supervisory role in the process in some cases.

‘We will not have fair elections’

Trump continued to claim he was the victim of fraud.He refused to give up power and, as it was later learned, encouraged the end Rush into the Capitol January 2021. His claims have been repeatedly rejected by the courts.

One of the questions in the wake of Trump’s swift ouster has been whether the Republican Party will turn the page and return to traditional conservative leaders or tie its fortunes to the outgoing president and his ways. Halfway through the mission, the unknowns have been cleared.

On Wednesday, Trump intervened in a political operation in Miami (Fla.), where he claimed he was under the influence of a “witch hunt” and also said he had searched his Mar-a-Lago residence. FBI finds 11,000 official documentsincluding 100 classified ads that shouldn’t leave Washington.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have a fair election again,” Trump warned the crowd. On Saturday, the tycoon ran for three candidates in Warren, Michigan, all of whom denied: Tudor Dixon For the governor, Matthew DePeno for the Attorney General and Christina Karamo for the Secretary of State.



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