Major sports news channels ignore many competitions


If you are a sports fan, you know that there is a lot of sports news to read and read. What you don’t know is that all outlets, live game broadcasts, are vulnerable to proprties in which they have a direct interest.

I recently saw an NFL game on Fox. I noticed that the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen showed the Premier League result. Fox previously broadcast the match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Obviously, the dots are designed to increase interest in the broadcast feature. CBS and NBC have not yet shown APL points on the label. Obviously, only APL broadcast partners are eligible to see the result.

ESPN is also less aware of the NHL in the US.

Coverage has dropped dramatically since the NHL moved the game to versus and has now been rebranded as NBC Sports. You will rarely find a good article about the NHL at the top of title. Hockey is not as popular as guaranteed coverage in the United States, but there has been a lack of coverage since the broadcasts of NHL games. In addition, the Canadian Football League (CFL) in Canada has moved the game to TSN (The Sports Network). Previously, the game was co-sponsored by the state-sponsored Canadian Television Association (CBC). Since then, coverage of rival 해외축구중계 TSN Sports and other competing Canadian publications has declined.

Of course, the agency reports these accounts,

But it no longer spends time on its daily schedule to discuss and analyze last week’s results and future matches. The reasons are as follows. If ESPN or Sports do not have the right to broadcast a particular sport, the time spent on that sport or competition may be considered free advertising and promotion for broadcast competitors. Rishi. Is it to devote time to a bright event in the afternoon or evening, or to develop a 60-minute event that focuses on sports that are only broadcast live through other networks?

Unfortunately, if you’re into sports, that means you may not be able to find all the coverage you need in one place. You should choose the outlet that best suits your favorite sports. Go beyond the ubiquitous ESPN features to get NHL coverage. To get CFL coverage in Canada, you must have access to TSN. Of course, when you’re online, you can only access certain interest competition sites.

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