Major brawl in LAFC match against Austin FC


LAFC defeated by Austin FC in one of the shocks of the season.

There are some worrying signs for the LA side. It was theirs second consecutive loss, they seem to be stepping on the gas pedal a bit as they head into the playoffs. FROM 57 pointsthey have already qualified, but they will not want this drop in form to continue as the most important part of the season approaches.

Was extremely tense atmosphere throughout the game which came to a head as the second half drew to a close. What started as a push and shove between two players on opposing sides quickly turned into a full-blown brawl between the two teams.

Italian legend Giorgio ChiellinI, who was warming up on the touchline when the fight started, did my best to hold the players back. However, while his efforts are to be commended, they were ultimately futile. It was a real spectacle in the Texas stadium.


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