Magellan and Elcano, explained to the kids in the house


Magellan and Elcano: no limits It’s not a typical show, so much so, in fact, that I’m not sure it can be called a show without too much. His promoters advertise him as “exciting experience” and I guess that’s the right name for part of what lives in a big tent in Espacio Ibercaja Delicias, and the other part will be an interactive exhibition. Everything, as you can see, is very modern.

Spectators/Visitors Magellan and Elcano: no limits they begin by spending half an hour in a room where various audio recordings are presented to them in a dark and inviting environment. an interpreted version of some aspects of the great journey. All in all, this collection of eight little stories from a big story is an interesting recap of the first circumnavigation of the world, perfect for piqued the curiosity of the most restless, who can then fill in more information on their own.

Caravel, rain and show

Once this first, more academic and leisurely part of the experience is complete, the door opens and the audience almost literally moves on to the second. Waiting for us in another room impressive life-size reproduction of Nao Victoriathe only one who managed to circumnavigate the world.

The audience sits in some of the stands next to the big ship, on the port side, as it is a question of marine research, and Sound and light show which, not so exactly, but with considerable emotion, reproduces one of the many storms that brave sailors had to overcome during their journey.

In addition to Nao herself, which is certainly impressive, the very thorough lighting and spectacular sound is perhaps the best thing about this performance, in which some viewers will miss a little more of the storyline, which, however weak, would endow an additional interest and a bit more consistency to this part of the show..

In the absence of this more coherent development of the plot, lighting and sound effects take all the main roles, details such as rainwater that spills between the stands and the boat and for the gymnastic efforts of the actors who, no doubt, give away a whole physical chest already on deck and have already climbed onto the ship’s rigging.

Finally, our rainfed Nao Victoria overcomes a thunderstorm and an artificial storm and gives way to the third part of the experience: walk around the ship to be able to observe it up close and, selfie cravings most, interacting with brave sailors somewhat more willing to take on a portrait than Elcano’s 17 companions who arrived in Seville on September 6, 1522 should be, imagine the state they were in.

All in all, the performance lasts about an hour, which passes without any effort, and while it may be a little short when it comes to conveying the grandeur of that journey that changed the history of the world, if it can be a very good way to arouse the interest of the little ones in the house for an impressive feat… and for Spain and the Spaniards who managed to accomplish it.


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