Madonna Biopic: The Secret Why She Only Uses Women in Filming


madonna is about to release her biopic, and it has caught our attention that she will only surround herself with women in the production, and just now she revealed the secret of this little detail.

Though this isn’t the first battle she’s faced with what she believes sexism in the entertainment industrythis time, the consequences reverberated through the entire process of the film, so no man would work with her.

Madonna worries fans with cryptic TikTok video

Madonna and the film that will tell the story of her life

Ever since Madonna announced she has the green light to take her life to the big screen like stars like Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody: The Freddie Mercury Story), Elton John (Rocketman) or James Brown (James Brown: King of the Soul with the late actor Chadwick Boseman) is already done, the expectations are due to the great controversy the actress has endured, although her struggle to realize the project in her own way has become a new chapter. which ironically could have been included in the same film.

For Madonna, most men are “misogynists”, which is why she doesn’t want to have only one man in her film. “Starting this film was proactive because a lot of people were trying to make films about me. Mostly misogynists. So I walked in the door and said, “No one is going to tell my story, only me.” “

Powerful message from Madonna

“The reason I’m doing this movie is because a lot of people have tried to make films about me, and it’s always been men,” the singer revealed during an October 2021 visit. jimmy fallon show. The closest thing to promotion was Blonde Ambition, a script that was blacklisted in late 2016 as the industry’s top scripts that have yet to find funding.


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