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Emmanuel Macron is due to meet with the defence council on Friday morning to assess the availability of gas and electricity and study scenarios to avoid shortages and save money.

The committee, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. at the Elysee Palace, brings together “ministers in charge” on the document, such as Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Attar and The minister responsible for the document. The Transition. Energy Christophe Béchu and Agnès Pannier-Runacher and experts.

The president explained that the CDSN “is designed to assess our gas and electricity supply in preparation for all scenarios this fall and winter.” It will also focus on “European Energy Solidarity”.

Gas flows from Russia have dried up and Europeans are bracing for a possible total shutdown in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Moscow since the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine. As a result, giant Gazprom announced this week that it would stop supplying Engie.

Electricity is also tense as part of the nuclear fleet is unusable, especially with regard to corrosion issues.

As a result, Elisabeth Born on Thursday pressed EDF to keep a reactor maintenance program to avoid France having to restart a coal-fired power plant.

“For several months we have been preparing to avoid spending cuts. If we reduce gas consumption by 10%, there are no limits. It is achievable,” added the French prime minister.

“If we don’t save money, if it’s cold in winter, there may be restrictions, but it won’t affect families,” she added, noting that she will lay out the scenarios “in late September to early October”.

For her part, Emmanuelle Wargon, chair of the Energy Regulatory Commission, declared on Thursday “full confidence” in the “possibility of surviving the winter” without Russian gas, which accounts for just 9% of France’s supply.

She clarified on the LCI that “100% filling of our natural gas inventories” will go into effect “on November 1, the date set by the government.”

The Defence Commission, originally reserved for defence and security matters, has been used several times by Emmanuel Macron to manage the Covid-19 crisis, sparking criticism from political opponents of exercising power alone.

“The Energy Defence Council, it’s a secret to me”, criticised the Greens boss Julian Estuary on Tuesday.

Government spokesman Olivier Véran assured: “Do not think of it as a secret paddock, it is really an academy-style collective work.”

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