Macron asked Europe not to be “naive” after AUKUS and assume its own protection


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President of France, Emmanuel Macron, Asking Europeans not to be “naive” and to bear all consequences U.S. strategic withdrawal to China -As. .And be known Aucos-In his view, this means first of all taking on one’s own protection.

Macron appeared in front of the media with the Prime Minister of Greece on Tuesday, Kyriacos MizotakisIt is emphasized that the European defense in the hands of Europeans is neither a “replacement” nor a “replacement” for the role played by the United States, but “undertaking this European pillar within the NATO framework.”

When asked about the consequences of the setback caused by Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom’s defense agreement in the Indo-Pacific region on France, the French president assured that this “will not change” his country’s strategy in the region.

He recalled that, first of all, because there are 1 million French living in the area (the island territory of New Caledonia and the archipelago that make up French Polynesia) and 8,000 French soldiers are deployed.

“France,” he added, “is a powerhouse in Indo-Pacific outside of the contract to purchase US nuclear submarines,” Australia announced on September 15, which meant the cancellation of Canberra, another nuclear submarine that will be equipped with French submarines, and A big reversal in Paris.

America, “historical ally”

He emphasized that “the (cancellation) impact on French industry is limited” because most of the submarines sold in Paris are built in Australia.

But beyond that, Macron also talked about his relationship with the United States, which is a “historical ally and will continue to be.”

He said: “We have an obligation to verify that for more than ten years, the United States has been very concerned about itself and has strategic interests. They face China and the Pacific. This is your right, this is a sovereign issue. I respect the sovereignty of the people of all countries. “

“But if we don’t want to bear all the consequences, we will be naive, or rather, we will make a terrible mistake.” First of all, “As Europeans, we must participate in our own protection.”

The cancellation of the submarine contract resulted in Cooling down in relations with the U.S., Because France called for consultations with its ambassador to Washington, who will return to the US capital tomorrow.

Macron’s phone conversation with the President of the United States, Joe BidenLast week, in order to heal the scars of friction between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, there must be continuity with the meeting between the two countries in Europe in mid-October.


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