Machism of Arabs born in Europe


If we had to take stock of the day Seminchi it would be honor, because somehow it was one of the topics covered in most of the films. French film A story of love and desire introduces us to Ahmed, young Frenchman of Algerian descent from the outskirts of Paris, who, thanks to a scholarship, will study literature at the Sorbonne. There he will meet Farah, a young Tunisian who recently arrived in France with a passion for freedom, discovery and fun. And fall in love, which is what two young people will do.


If Ahmed, who almost never left his suburbs, did not feel that the university was his place, on top of all he will have to struggle with his sexual instincts, which do not correspond to the strict rules by which he was educated, and not so much in the family bosom. but under the social pressure of society (“watch your sister’s honor, who will embarrass the whole family). If this young man had nothing else, to top it all off, he would have discovered a collection Arabic literature with great erotic content, What kind Fragrant gardenwhich he had never heard of and that one mention of it in his area is considered almost a heretic. Young people born and raised in Europe who doesn’t want to promote with girls for not being virgins

A simple film directed by Leila Bouzid, which has already passed through Cannes and which is effective, a young man fights against everything, starting with himself and especially against his community, in full sexual awakening… Projection A story of love and desire It ended with applause from the audience.

He also went through Seminchi Hero, from Iranian director Asghar Farhadi… In this case, he presents us with the image of a person who does not want to, becomes a hero. The main character, Rakhim, is in prison for non-payment of a debt to his former son-in-law, back to questions family honors, which he intends to pay off while on leave from prison. His current girlfriend found a bag of gold coins on the street and they planned to sell them, however, after several unforeseen events, Raheem decides to place an advertisement in order to return the bag to its owner.

The story reaches the ears of those in charge of the prison, who do not hesitate to call on television to present Rahim as a hero. Resentment of his ex-son-in-law for the shame he caused the family and some lies that are revealed They will force Rahim, again without looking for him, to see himself on the edge of the abyss. Farhadi, who was unable to come to Valladolid due to visa problems in Iran, is back in the Oscar pool (he already has two).


The Iranian filmmaker returns to paint some of Iran’s calamities in small strokes, such as administration corruption, women, or arbitrariness in the use of the death penalty… Its director was not in Seminci, but the main actor was, Amir Jadidi, and, as is customary during Iranian visits to this festival, denied in the press that the status of women in Iran is a problem… They don’t show themselves in profile, they deny it.

The death penalty in Iran as a “human right”

But if there was a movie in Seminci, very openly criticize the tyranny of Iran was Forgiveness (Ballad of the White Cow). The film begins with a disgruntled woman visiting a prison. her husband is sentenced to death (human rights in the opinion of judges). Things will change dramatically when she is called to inform her that her husband has been proven to be he was innocent and the regime wants to compensate her for her execution. She will not fight for money, but to clear her husband’s name, we return to honor. Your future in Iran depends on this, not on the money in the bank. When she arrives, an old friend of her husband’s will appear to help her and her daughter.


Numerous detailed details the plight of women in IranAn example is the fact that a landlord can kick her out overnight just because he saw a man enter her house. It also reflects other aspects such as a ban on walking dogs on the street because they are “unpunished” or that everything happens “according to the word of God and it never fails.” A highly recommended film in which at some point only the rhythm does not work, and its duration is too long.

Socialist revolution to the rhythm of a twist

Finally, a regular visitor to this festival passed through Seminchi, French Robert Gedigian, with his last film Mali Twist… The action takes place in Mali, far from Marseille, which is so common in cinemas of the 60s. young heroes dance the twist freshly imported from the west dreaming of a socialist revolution… Samba, during his journey through the jungle to talk about the benefits of socialism, will meet Lara, with whom he will flee to the city to save him from forced marriage


They will have to face family harassment, not only because of the shame they bring to the family, but also because of the disappointments of the Dream Revolution. Gedigyan tries again, as it usually happens in his movies, political and social issues from a very specific point of view, although this time love beats politics in the Malian twist.

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