Macaulay Culkin: How did the ‘Home Alone’ star rearrange his life on his 42nd birthday?


Tits friday, actor Macaulay Culkin is celebrating his 42nd birthday, having practically retired from fame when he was one of the most iconic figures of the 90s, the gentle child who became famous thanks to the already traditional Christmas season movie: Home Alone.

However, he was also one of the many victims of show business who rise to fame as a child and are literally exploited by their parents, who are not ready to take care of their children from a strange and cruel environment for their development.

While the world loved him, his father gave him no respite and took advantage of his moment at the top to harass him with contracts, to the point of forcing him to do eight films in five years until he refused to continue and decided to emancipate himself. yourself from your family. Then he entered the slide of excesses, retired from the limelight and finally found love to rebuild his ascent, culminating in the arrival of his first daughter, Dakota.

Happiness for this kid from a lowly Manhattan family came when a neighbor who ran the Manhattan Opera of Light told his dad they needed kids for casting.

Two years ago, Macaulay Culkin posted a tweet in which he, with great irony, sent a message to the children of his generation:

“Hey guys, wanna feel old? I’m 40. This is my gift to the world: making people feel old. Please,” said Macaulay Culkin.

At the time, the post was the 10th most liked post of all time. Although he continues to appear on TV every Christmas with his angelic eight-year-old face, he has found success in the Home Alone saga set in the cities of Chicago and New York.

Although these two films have not lost their relevance, Culkin has not been able to surpass them until now, as he turned 10 years old.

Glory excesses

Once in his teens, Culkin began to suffer legal disputes with his parents, mostly over control of the money he earned from his job. He was later arrested for drug possession. He also endured a controversial friendship scandal with Michael Jackson, which states that The “King of Pop” would rape him as a child and later, marrying at 17.

Four years after the premiere of Home Alone, when he was only 14 years old, Macaulay forbade his parents access to his fortune, emancipated himself and left the filming. Richie Rich in 1994., another film with limited success. His parents “Kit” Christopher Culkin and Patricia Brentrup separated a year later, and a terrible legal battle ensued over the custody of their seven children.

The family grew up in a small Manhattan railroad apartment and didn’t have to go to school. The older siblings never finished high school, and with Macaulay’s millions, they moved into a luxurious mansion on New York’s Upper East Side.

“My father was jealous of me. He was a bad guy, a bully.. Everything he tried to get throughout his life, I got before I was 10 years old.” – Macaulay Culkin

During this interview in 2018, the actor opened up about what a toxic relationship with an exploitative father is like. Something was confirmed by his brother Kieran, who also participated in some films, but without the glory of Macaulay.

Between 1990 and 1994, the star begged his father to stop signing contracts. because he needed to take a vacation for the first time in his life. I made eight films in five years. But besides, the father continued to take the rest of his children to auditions. Besides Kieran, he also introduced Rory.

“My dad had a huge bed and he made me sleep with my brother on the couch” the actor revealed. So when they could decide who to live with, they chose their mother. Keith, angry, disappeared. The brothers claimed that when their objectionable father was not around, everything was better.

Macaulay and Kieran saw their father again 17 years later, during a performance at a Broadway theater. The man suffered a stroke, his condition deteriorated greatly. Macaulay said the same thing to his brother, as if he were a total stranger: “Fuck him, I don’t care.”

Encounter with yourself

All this scandal and the weight of fame on his shoulders made him completely get away from fame and live almost at night, without leaving his apartment and completely abandoned. However, at this point, he also met child actress Brenda Song, with whom he fathered his first daughter, born in April 2021.Story by: Dakota Song Culkin.

Macaulay and Brenda met on set in Thailand while filming the 2017 film Changeling. Both broke off relations: she is with Trace Cyrus, Miley’s older brother. He ended his relationship with actress Mila Kunis in 2011 following his first divorce from actress Rachel Miner between 1998 and 2000.

Brenda is the daughter of immigrants from Thailand. At the age of five, she began working in toy advertising. She made her film debut two years later, starring in several Disney Channel children’s productions. Their bond came about when they both shared difficult experiences growing up in the midst of fame.

“Child actors can’t talk about what it was like, we look into each other’s eyes and nod and just know,” said Song, who has a degree in psychology and business from UC Berkeley and is a black belt in taekwondo.

Song and Brenda have been in a relationship for five years, have a daughter together and could get married at any time. A few months ago, a photo of Brenda with a diamond ring circulated while walking around Beverly Hills.

However, the couple is very secretive about their intimacy. Macaulay continues to avoid publicity. While Brenda has an Instagram account with 2 million followers where she posts photos with amazing dresses or next to her dogs and cats, but they don’t share images their daughter Dakotathe late aunt of the actor, who died at age 29, hit by a car.

The emotional balance of his relationship with Brenda also had a positive effect on his working life. He was part of the American Horror Story series in 2021, and this year he is joining the cast of other series: Jewel and Entergalaxy.

She also began talking about her friendship with Michael Jackson, 22 years his senior, with whom she recorded the video for the song “Black or White” in 1991. On the “Inside of you” podcast, he revealed that both introduced themselves as having a similar situation with fame and their families and that The “King of Pop” told him that he wanted to make sure he wasn’t alone.


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