Macarena Olona dazzles with her wedding dress


The former MP for Vox, macarena olonadazzled last Sunday during the awards ceremony golden antenna, at the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, wearing nothing less than her wedding dress, as she later revealed on social media. And the surprise was the color: black, combined with a bouquet of white flowers. “Nine years later, I dusted off my wedding dress. Today I have a wonderful ex-husband and the dress fits me if I don’t breathe”. Now the president of the Ibero-American Foundation for Equality and secretary of the Women of the Republican Alliance of the Americas decided to auction it off for a good cause.

Olona announced via her Twitter account that she was going to donate the dress for a charity auction. “Very complicated dates are approaching for many homes in Spain. The best destination for this dress Hannibal’s Lagoon This will be a fundraiser to bring them some relief. Thank you to the angels who organize the auction. Thanks for letting me put my granite on,” the tweet ends.

It is a model with a strapless neckline and lace with a belt and a princess cut skirt full of feathers. In her hand, the lawyer carried a Clutch of Louis Vuitton. Pure charm.


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