Lydia Lozano reappears devastated after the interview with Al Bano


Lydia Lozano has once again relived one of the worst moments of her life. When it seemed that the subject of Ylenia Carrisi was forgotten, Al Bano mentioned it again, thus charging the journalist and everything she said on her day again. sitting on the Deluxethe singer has ruled that he will never forgive the collaborator, although he has already turned the page. “Forgiveness has to be given by God, not me. I am a poor devil and I am not going to forgive him. I have forgotten everything ”, he declared yesterday against Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Al Bano in the ‘Deluxe’ / Telecinco

And it is that, after 11 years away from the media spotlight, the interpreter of congratulate He sat down again on the Telecinco set. However, this time there was an empty chair: Lydia Lozano’s. The journalist refused to face him face to face for all the damage caused, even if it cost him his dismissal. Today, in tears and completely devastated, the collaborator has explained the reason for her decision. “I didn’t go because my mother was shocked by everything that had happened the day before. She told me: ‘don’t sit down, this man is going to use you’”, she began by explaining in socialiteshowing surpassed by the situation.

Lydia Lozano collapsed in 'Socialité' / Telecinco
Lydia Lozano collapsed in ‘Socialité’ / Telecinco

As for receiving the forgiveness from Al Bano that Lozano has been asking for on television for so long, he has made the decision not to want it. I’m glad I didn’t go. I have already forgiven myself. A devil as he calls himself will not forgive me. Let him go see the Pope and have his blessings. I have given mine to myself ”, she has sentenced.

Actually, the Italian sat in the Deluxe To respond to Patricia Donoso, who claimed to have had a three-year relationship with him. However, since he collected the Sicab award until the end of the interview, Al Bano spoke at length about Lydia Lozano. “He came to talk about Patricia Donoso, but as soon as he set foot on Spanish soil he only talked about me. When I saw him, I thought that this gentleman was coming to whip me. Half of the interview was with my plane behind and him talking bad about me. I haven’t made as much money as he has talking about this topic. He did not say that they did not put the photos of his daughter either. He saw them and with his head very high and it seems very good to me. I stayed at home last night and I didn’t earn a penny ”, he has settled the issue, making it clear that he wants to slam this issue once and for all and continue doing his work as he has been doing for years.

Lydia Lozano for Madrid / Gtres
Lydia Lozano for Madrid / Gtres

But that has not been all, because he has also had words for his teammates. first for Kiko MatamorosWell, the collaborator last night was very critical of his partner. In addition to expressing that it seemed to him “an act of cowardice” not to have appeared on the set, the former survivor also mentioned his trip to the Dominican Republic: “He was given the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic and verify that what he was saying was a lie. He was counting and he came with a bigger ball. A few words that Lydia Lozano did not want to ignore: “I want to tell Kiko Matamoros, when I went to Santo Domingo, it was to get the information on the subject, that she says I came back with a bigger ball. It was not like that, everything was manipulated ”. For María Patiño, the journalist has also had a few words: “I want to say thank you because you stopped him dead. You said that everything published after 2003 was not mine. And what did Al Bano do? He passed on the subject because he was no longer interested in him ”.


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