Luxury at the Madrid Autumn Fair with High Voltage 12-O (all posters)


It was Anthony Welcome (Caracas, Venezuela, June 25, 1922 – Madrid, October 7, 1975) bullfighter from Madrid, perhaps the Madrid bullfighter par excellence, despite the fact that he is not from Madrid. An accident in a tent robbed bullfighting of one of its most celebrated minds and a dynastic bullfighter who alternated in his career with the greats of the 20th century.

This year was the centenary of his birth and his position, salespay tribute to him at the autumn fair he organized corporate area 1. A non-stop cycle that starts on Saturday, October 1st and ends in style on Columbus Day with a high-voltage bullfight. On this day, a fertilizer festival is held with the participation of cattle from Victoriano del Río in Alejandro Talavante, Roca Rey and Francisco de Manuel.

The Peruvian cyclone returns to Las Ventas in a season where it never ceased to do well in almost every place it has set foot on to add the finishing touch to the Fall Fair along with a blurry Alejandro Talavante, who did not return to the level that the fans are counting on. His passage through the San Ysidro Fair was rather discreet, despite holding four small parades, and was more irregular during the season. However, the recent triumph at the Bilbao fair may give him confidence in the end of the European campaign.

For his part, the third contender, Francisco de Manuel, belongs to a group of new bullfighters who are reaching the top ranks. A young man from Madrid became the winner last draw of the Chenel Cup. Rancho Victoriano del Río y Toros de Cortés is highly trusted, one of the most regular in Madrid and one of the bullfighting favorites.

Morante returns to Las Ventas

Among the outstanding bullfighters of this Autumn Fair that Plaza 1 presented is Morante de la Puebla, who left as a memento a big unsuccessful sword task during the last San Isidro. Morante continues in his record breaking season that when the Madrid dates roll around, he will be close to 100 pasaillos. current ladder leader With 62 celebrations, he is experiencing the best moment of his career and is the axis of the major fairs held.

Share another outstanding Madrid autumn cycle poster with veteran Useda Leal, one of the bullfighters most appreciated by the most demanding fans of Las Ventas and with revelation of the past San Isidro bullfighter, Ángel Telles. The bullfighter from Toledo was launched after the opening of the Puerta Grande in Monumental Madrid and has been one of the most prominent bullfighters ever since. Three righties will face a bull run in Puerto de San Lorenzo on Saturday, October 8th.

After the month of September, marked by bullfighting at the Autumn Fair, there is also a break for hard-cut bullfighting. Sunday, October 2, cattle Adolfo Martin for the confirmation of Adrián de Torres after his successful passage through Senientos, the Valencian Roman and Ángel Sanchez, the Chenel Cup finalist.

There are two more bullfights in the cycle. One of El Pilar for Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado on Friday 7 October and another Fuente Imbro for Miguel Angel Perera, Juan Leal and Alvaro Lorenzo. Students Ricardo Gallardo They will enter the Las Ventas ring for the ninth time this season. Rancher Cordovan competed in three bullfights and four bullfights, and held a bullfight and another bullfight at the Fall Fair.

It is this Novillada that will face the two bullfighters who stood out the most during the season in Madrid at the inaugural celebration on October 1st: Victor Hernandez and Alvaro Alarcón. Another novillada from the Leonese currency Valdelana on Thursday 6 October for Jon Lamothe, Diego Garcia and Jorge Martinez. In addition, on Tuesday, October 11, a heifer bullfight without a pick is scheduled, as the completion of the “Road to Las Ventas” cycle.

Notable absentees include a few names: another San Isidro 2022 winner, Thomas Rufus; Julian Lopez “El Juli”, very prominent during the spring cycle; Ginés Marin, Gomez del Pilar or Isaac Fonseca, who were very popular with the Madrid fans; one of the winners of the summer fairs and the bullfighter, who is in a great moment, Daniel Luca and Emilio de Justo, who has already recovered from a serious injury. The bullfighter from Extremadura has hosted two celebrations that he has held since his appearance in Almería and Cuenca.

All posters of the autumn fair 2022

  • Saturday, October 1, taxis from Fuente Imbro for Victor Hernandez and Alvaro Alarcón (hand in hand)
  • Sunday, October 2, Adolfo Martin bulls for Adrián de Torres (confirmation), Roman and Angel Sanchez.
  • Thursday 6 October departs Valdelan towards Jon Lamothe, Diego Garcia and Jorge Martinez.
  • Friday 7 October Bulls from El Pilar for Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado.
  • Saturday, October 8, bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo for Useda Leal, Morante de la Puebla and Angel Telles.
  • Sunday, October 9, bulls from Fuente Imbro for Miguel Angel Perera, Juan Leal and Alvaro Lorenzo.
  • Tuesday, October 11, novillada without picadors Last road to Las Ventas
  • Wednesday, October 12, bulls from Victoriano del Rio for Alejandro Talavante Roca Rey and Francisco de Manuel.


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