Lunin impresses for Real Madrid and takes revenge on Sergio Gonzalez


Ti did it real Madrid didn’t lose Cadiz Sunday was reduced to effort Andrey Lunin.

Cadiz They now face a tense final match of the La Liga Santander season and their fate is out of their hands as they now depend on Real Mallorca and Granada.

Lunin showed an outstanding game, the highlight of which was his save from Alvaro NegredoPenalty in the second half.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Andrey Lunin saved a penalty from Cadiz striker Alvaro Negredo.Roman RosEFE

The irony was that the goalkeeper played under Cadiz Main coach Serge Gonzalez during the ill-fated loan period in Royal Valladolidin which the coach barely used it.

Lunin joined Valladolid in the summer of 2019 and during the loan period, he played only two matches, both of which were in the Spanish Cup.

It was such a disastrous move that it was stopped during the January transfer window. Lunin played the second half of the season in Real Oviedo.

disputed loan

Sergio decided that Jordi Masip was his #1 goaltender and he never thought about changing his mind.

[Andriy] Lunin knows what situation he is in and that our goalkeeper from the very beginning of the season will Geordie [Masip],” he said.

“He came to compete in tough conditions and he’s a promising future goalkeeper.”

Ukrainian goalkeeper took revenge on his former coach in the second match of La Liga Santander for the goal real Madrid.

LuninHowever, the future remains in doubt as there is no chance that he will take the top spot out of Thibaut Courtois.

As soon as the season comes to an end, real Madrid and Lunin make decisions about the best course of action for the future.


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