Luke Rockhold: Jake Paul thinks he’s Muhammad Ali


Jake Paul had a decent career in the boxing world despite never actually fighting a trained boxing opponent.

However, his general personality and attitude annoyed many people, especially considering how he criticizes those who have been in the martial arts world even though he has never had a real fight.

Luke Rockhold a retired MMA fighter who was so taunted by half of the Paul brothers but responded quite harshly.

I don’t really care about idiots,” Rockhold told The MMA Hour.

“You don’t understand what it means to fight, when you think about fighting, you must think about death, don’t open your mouth to talk about me.

“Boxing is boxing, this is the reality of today, put yourself in a state of reality with which you have lost touch, he thinks he is Muhammad Ali.”

Needless to say, Rockhold denied any possibility of meeting Paul in the boxing ring in the future.

“No, I don’t have this in my plans, I don’t need it. I don’t need to attach importance to an idiot.”


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