Lukashenko declares all opposition NGOs in Belarus illegal


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President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, Has announced the ban on all opposition non-governmental organizations, of which Accused of accepting foreign financing And is preparing to launch a coup in the country.

“Traitors will not be forgiven. Those who try to subvert the country (…) will not be forgiven. We detected them in units of tens and hundreds. We made it illegal for all organizations that funded and prepared rebellions and coups from abroad,” he said, as quoted by the BELTA agency. According to Lukashenko, these organizations Even if they request to regain their legal status, they will “never recover.”

Therefore, the President of Belarus, considered the last dictator in Europe, will End harassment of all opposition NGOs After the presidential election in August 2020, he stood up against him. He was declared the winner with a greater advantage. This result was described as fraudulent by the opposition and the West.

The president is not satisfied with reducing NGOs, but instead focuses on Belarusian officials, saying that Belarus “needs more than ever.” Become a single country with great leaders. “We have many leaders who take anti-government stances,” he warned.

Lukashenko said: “Everyone should have their own opinions, and so do you. I think this is the default condition. But, my dear, all of us sitting at this table, as well as the leaders I mentioned, are restricted by certain frameworks, the framework of their office. “

The President called on officials who want “absolute independence and demand sanctions, crackdown on the authorities, etc.” to go to Lithuania and Poland, where they “still have jobs.” “Please, Occupy these positions and demand sanctions from there. They know we won’t get there,” he sarcastically.

In this sense, he called on officials to “know where they are,” especially if they are leaders, have military ranks, or work in national institutions. “Otherwise, as I have said many times, we would consider it a betrayal,” he warned.


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