Luisge Martin, architect of Sanchez’s speeches, has been appointed director of Cervantes in Los Angeles.


Louise Martin (Madrid, 1962), who was the prime minister’s speech writer. Pedro Sanchezwas appointed director of the Cervantes Institute at Los Angeles headquarters, as listed by royal decree in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and the writer posted on his social media.

Martin worked in the president’s office, responsible for writing Pedro Sanchez’s speeches, and won the Herralde Award for novel With one hundred nightsan erotic novel that, according to publisher Anagrama, is “a moral fable with detective and scientific overtones, exploring love and infidelity.”

The novelist does not hide his dislike for the People’s Party and its voters. Luisge Martin confirmed that those who vote for Isabelle Diaz Ayuso perhaps “they’re not that smart” and repeated the word “feeble-minded” to refer to those who don’t vote for the PSOE. AT interview per Worldreproached the intelligentsia Fernando Saveter D Andres Trapiello voted for Isabelle Diaz Ayuso. He said of Sawater that he must have been traumatized by the death of his wife and violence by the ETA to vote for the PP candidate.

Luisge Martin, actually Luis Garcia Martin, has been accumulating other controversial phrases that cast doubt on his suitability for the new position. In another interview, he stated that lies “in the world of politics our daily bread” and that “hypocrisy is a wonderful social value in personal relationships.”

Little is known about his curriculum and his background in the cultural field other than the fact that he Degree in Latin American Philology Complutense University of Madrid and an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa. In 2010 and 2011, he was part of the team of Minister of Culture Angeles González-Sindé. In addition, Sanchez placed him in Inns Board of Directors.

Cervantes in Los Angeles

This newly established center in California is categorized Consulate General of Spain apply institution policies on the US West Coast, according to the Bank of England. In addition to this category and its function of disseminating Spanish culture, the new Cervantes is designed to cover the needs found in the field of teaching Spanish in its field of activity.

The Cervantes Institute also has two other offices in the United States: the Cervantes class in Seattle and the Albuquerque office extension in the city of El Paso, in addition to the Spanish Observatory they have at Harvard University.


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