Luis Fonsi talks about his family: “They are my everything and my inspiration”


Luis Fonci Has always been one of the protagonists of the big names Global gift event Next to 2021 Maria Bravo. Events held in Marbella Arena -Málaga- this year. Upon arrival, the singer admitted that he was very happy to be able to support the foundation led by his good friend Bravo. “Children are the protagonists and Global Gift is the protagonist. I am very happy to be with them and become another voice to help my music and continue to work with Maria, Who are good friends. It is a blessing to be able to come to Marbella, I love Spain, I love this city, and I am very happy to share another great event. There is still a lot to do, little by little, little by little,” he said.

Luis Fonsi is one of the organizers of the 2021 Global Gift Fair in Marbella -Málaga -. /Gtres

The artist who came with his wife confessed to the media how his family spent this atypical year. Coronavirus And restrictions around the world. “Well, with my wife, as you know, this is her land, Cordoba, and the children stay at home, because the United States has already started school, I I’m traditional For this reason, I don’t like them to travel often. The little boy started for the first time, but okay,” he explained with a smile. Later, he revealed what his biggest source of inspiration was. “My family is everything to me. , So I am happy because my wife is here, because I am not with my children and sad, I will be close to home for two months, but hey, you have to work,” Fonsi said.

Luis Fonsi chose a black suit for the global gift party.  /Gtres
Luis Fonsi chose a black suit for the global gift party. /Gtres

When talking with reporters, Translations of’Corazón en lasuitta’ He has announced that he is in a great professional moment and that he is working on different projects. “Yes, well, I did a lot of things. I just released a song with an artist named David Bisbal. We are promoting this song. I am doing’La Voz’ soon. Will be launched,” he said.

In addition, he added that he is “preparing for the tour” with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. «We have some concerts this year, but big tours like this It will be next yearSpain will be next summer, so we have to wait longer, but in a way it’s good, because I want the world to be a little more peaceful, we can all enjoy very safe and peaceful together, but I’m lying to you If I tell you that I didn’t miss the stage, I’m crazy,” said the long-awaited host of the party.

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